Awesome O ring bro 😫

How’s the quality control on this o ring. Fresh from a V2.

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Fresh outta China :joy:

Do the green ORing fit the V2 pistons ? I couldn’t imagine them being too different in that sense
I haven’t built a V2 myself yet

Yeah the piston is the same diameter as the Gen 8 and 9, so the common O-rings fit, I have tried a red and a green with good improvements.

Guys itll probably cost abit but look for an orange o ring. Those orange ones are hi temp hi velocity so they can take this sort of beating

Like this. I put one on my sniper after the the green one got chewed out.

Looks about right. Where you get that from

Cant remember. Just had it in my spare parts bin

Lol nice. Knew you were gonna need it later hey :smiley:

Yeah and complete fluke that it is the perfect size.
Im going to give it one more go tonight and pull it all apart again and see why its not catching when racking the bolt back.
Otherwise its going to the blaster master.

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Could be something to do with the locking tab that your trigger controls, might not be popping in place or maybe the bolt setup might be assembled wrong, idk but hope you figure it out bro something simple :slight_smile:

oh nice custom O ring. so rare you can’t buy those sort of one’s lol

@Mr.milkman. hey. Dont understand ur comment

I’m saying it as a joke. because where ever he bought the O ring from wouldn’t normally sell them like that one. that O ring looks like that from a fault when it was manufactured. and normally faulty ones like that are discarded before distribution. so I’d assume you wouldn’t see many like that

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I am pretty sure the green O rings are car airconditioning O rings. I do auto air conditioning so have about 5 O ring kit boxes… the kits only cost about $10 for 270 O rings… each kit has about 10 of the size we need. Beats paying $6 for one O ring…:money_mouth_face:

The high quality brown or reddish o rings are Viton and available at bearing supply stores

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Yes, Viton is very good because modern petrol wont eat/destroy it…

So, if your gel blaster runs on unleaded… Viton O rings are the best for you :laughing:

That black O ring is obiously a factory Fup… but if any O rings of any color are getting chewed out, check the inside of the cylinder doesn’t have any dags… and use plenty of lube (not KY)

Tbh I have used green, brown , black, red, purple, clear, white and they all worked flawlessly

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It’s all about the super lube

If you don’t have any I heard spit can be a temp fix…:thinking: Oh wait my bad was thinking of something else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: nevermind lol

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I like this one better…even%20better

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Does that aid gerbil insertion?


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