AWM decisions, decisions

I’m currently tossing up between buying the upgraded metal bolt AWM, or buying a standard AWM and upgrading it with a metal bolt kit.

Would there be a benefit going one way or the other? Cost is roughly the same.

Either way I go I’ll be upgrading to a 50cm SS 7.3mm barrel as well.


Do you want a cheap feeling/looking ABS blaster with the magwell in the wrong spot, or a stunning nylon build that just doesn’t happen to shoot reliably?

Decisions indeed!

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If you go the Gj and metal bolt kit you will have a good blaster. And M4a1 have had replacement stocks that I think they are wood.

If you get the new awm (which I have) you will have a metal handle not bolt system. You will get a metal gearbox but the inner barrel is 55cm so you will need some modification to use a 50cm barrel ( I’d recommend talking to bruisemaster and get a custom gold series barrel to fit).

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The awm has a metal gearbox? External housing?

@Sprocketj. Very interested in the wooden stock.

I have been too lazy to make my own thus far

It’s really more of a metal trigger box.

That one is actually a 702 swift hawk but much the same

If you’re feeling rich… pimp a JY


If your replacing the barrel then get the new nylon AWM and run really good gels matched for the barrel size and you will be happy with the results I think.
If you put the stronger spring in it aswell it hits like a freight train, so lots of fun

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If you want side by side comparison photos let me know. I have both in my house. But the jy one is a thing of Beauty.


Yes please, I would love a side by side comparison.

image image image

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Sorry I didn’t realize they would be upside down.
I can take more tonight if you want. And the scope on the jy is not stock.

I stand corrected, it’s a tiny cheap feeling/looking ABS blaster with the magwell in the wrong spot :slight_smile:

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Thanks, the pics show the differences quite well. Do they both have electric mags?

I think I’ll definitely grab the better version and pimp that up.

Only the jy has an electric mag. Personally yes get the jy and pimp it. With the bigger spring I cronoed at 320fps. Zhenduo have a metal rail set that would be good too.

Have you modified it any more than the spring sprocket? What gels do you fire and any feed issues? I’m like a junkie with an itch and want another AWM now… SSG just isn’t as nice

Just the larger spring that came in the box.
Nylon rizer hopup (shaved to fit in the barrel)
Old type gold pack milkies and no feeding issues.

I tried it at a private game on Sunday and at the start the gels fires fine but randomly spun off after 15-20 meters so I left it in the rest area for about two hours with gels still in the mag. One of the kids wanted a go so we took it back out and it shot good. No random spin offs. So I’m hoping with a bigger barrel I’ll get good results with newer type gels like armor tech.

I had similar issues with my ACR when I had a 7.0id barrel which stopped when I put a 7.2id stainless one.
I’m hoping it’s the same problem

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I got bored and Took some more photos.
image image image

image image image image image image image image image

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Ohhh damn that ID of the original barrel is smaller than I thought, 6.69mm is tight… let me know how the 7.2mm goes, I might get another AWM… LOL don’t tell the wife