Azrael has co2 shotguns up for preorder

Short zombie one for $590, salient arms one for $950. $1050 if you prefer camo

There’s gonna be some yelling tonight…
Had their page up the whole of last week too and refreshing once every hour.

He had already listed them so Put my email address in for notifications.

Now to decide if I want a zombie or SAI

Glad im not fucking with gas stuff where i live cause that just saved me $1000. Esp when i just got 2 aka m870s with a heap of addons and same with the m97 addons werent cheap. Then they come out with this fml.

Not a fan of the camo option , esp at a higher price point.

I cant see the zombie one on the site?

My 870 parts finally shipped from Ali. Hopefully they sort performance as no orings I tired did

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You should go to their their showroom if you can - they had the entire range (not necessarily bring over all of them though) on display that you can pickup and hold. Very very nice.
Also had the TTI 2011 on display as well (that’s under locked display though).

Oh why did you show me that . I have to pretend I didnt see it now.
Forgot why I in here Im just gonna leave…


Are cO2 blasters overtly superior to battery powered blasters? I’m curious as to the differences

They don’t ship aus wide do they?

QLD and WA only.

For shotgun at least it’s a plus, coz higher fps and range than manual version.

Rifle or pistol it would depend on personal preference

Thanks man, I’m trying to learn as much as I can (new to the sport) shopping around for my first blaster :slight_smile:

Might be a bit cheeky and get that co2 shotgun :slight_smile:

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At the end of the day it’s really just what you like.
Maintainance ect for both platfrom you can find online so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

Get what makes u happy :smiley: