Azrael MPX Gel Blaster

Anyone else put a pre order for one of these little beauties. I put an order in about 6 weeks ago and haven’t heard any updates. I see the price has gone up a little and they have changed the name.
I think it’s good value for an all metal unit with an APS gerabox which is sorted out.

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Both mine were emailed to me about an hour ago as being posted with tracking numbers supplied. So yours should be in the mail soon. Mine were preordered in about May.

Just got my email.
I can’t believe more people haven’t got onto this great deal. The sum of the parts are worth more than the product and I don’t have to tinker. Ok I probably will :wink:

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Did you go for the MPX or the Titan?

They look really cool, but I prefer custom built one off blasters.
Plus I could buy two gate titans for that price and after my APS experience I’ll stay well away from that brand.

Lol yep stay away Thor :wink:

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Keep us updated @Maystro

Both, MPX and the Titan LBB.


Just got my Azrael MPX. All I can say is wow and the best gun I have ever seen and used.

On the box it has the same lable as it’s big brother which is the name of the metal receiver which is used in both units.

It comes with the necessary orange muzzle tip but also in this little bag is the beautiful all high grade steel duckbill muzzle.

She is a little sexy very weighty number when attached to her high grade nylon magazine which fits and secures so well. Why wouldn’t it, have you seen those big sexy red metal ambidextrous mag releases.

Can’t make up my mind which side I like best.

She has some very good numbers on the chrono also. These milkies I used have been in a container for more than 2 weeks so have probably shrunk considerably. I just couldn’t wait so just used what I had. I will give an updated test with fresh milkies later.

Check out the red outer barrel.

This battery compartment is far superior to the Gen 8/Gen 9 derivative. Heaps of room for the leads, connectors and even a fuse.

It’s a tight fit for the Turnigy 1.2 but fits snug as a bug.

Just trying the steel duckbill for size and a nice surprise is a quality stainless inner barrel.

Ok this looks better,orange can never be the new black.

If you want a high quality metal and nylon short little unit with a big bark you can’t go wrong. Also I have to say this thing seems to shoot further and much straighter than my highly modded gen9 which shoots at 330 fps.
It looks to me like great bang for your buck for a quality mostly metal and nylon gun.

I will do a break down on it later when I pull it apart. It looks like the APS box but has a whole different t peice which kinda resembles a gen 9 and the mag connetors are nothing like I have seen before.
I will keep you up dated my friends.


Thanks so much for the photos man. I gotta wait until I get home from work in 2 weeks before I get to play with mine :frowning:

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Bugger @Rokz that’s going to be a long work stint, especially since you bought both.
At least you will have time to get your battery sorted. I recommend the Turnigy 1.2. It is a tight fit length ways but heaps of room up top in the battery compartment for connectors.
That box seems so stable and is wasted on a 7.4V , 11.1 V is what I recommend.

Tis a thing of beauty!

Orange is definitely not the new black…


Super nice @Maystro. You’ll find they’ve had to re label the boxes to remove the Airsoft references.

What’s on the to-do list now?

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Yeah I have one 1.2 Turnigy 11v at home. Do you reckon it will fit in the battery compartment with the Warfet Mosfet, I have one of them ready to go also.

Going to take it to my local skirmish night and woo my friends and foe then strip it and see it’s bones.

There is plenty of room on top of the battery I reckon. Geez Rokz, I luv your grocery list :heart_eyes:

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Do u reckon you could fit two 1200mah batteries in there. Connect them up and get twice the play time

Nah no chance mate. 1 is a squeeze. The extra room is on top of the battery but this area would only be about half the length of the battery but wider and higher. Just a good space to make sure your terminals aren’t getting squashed and damaged like in the stock of gen8/9’s.

That butt stock looks pretty sweet, along with the skeletonized receiver. It’s a shame that APS don’t ship to Australia, although - even if they did, there’s every chance that customs would jump on it, anyway. Looks like the easiest way to get your hands on those two things is to buy one of them complete - like you did!

Keen to see what’s on the inside, too @Maystro. Sharing is caring! Also, does the blowback/shell eject function work on this?

@BallBagFace I promise I will be cracking it open this week sometime and show it’s intestines.
First whole gun I have bought other than my original Gen9 which I nothing left of. So easy this way but I have to mess with it of course and upgrade.
You gotta feel the weight of this beauty, you know it is quality and it should be because it is an airsoft APS Phantom Extremis 7 just altered to take gel balls.
It doesn’t come with the blow back function but it wouldn’t be hard to work out. I have another APS box which the blow back function works on. It’s just a screw and a spring.
Blow back drains your battery though so I don’t go for it.