Azrael MPX rizer nt1

Has anyone put in a rizer nt1 hopup into the mpx and worked fine?

Welcome @Joey_Roque, I’m keen to know also.

I’m actually curious too. I just got the Venom and I’m looking for a good hopup. I was told the Rizer is apparently good

I haven’t fitted one but there is no reason it wouldn’t fit except you would need to unscrew the stock barrel from the adaptor and replace it with the NT1

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Ill be trying it out soon, ill have an mpx and will be doing my stainless outer barrels for it, im gonna incorperate a threaded rizer hopup onto and ill let you know how i go

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@jimmys949 @Joey_Roque @BigWeetBix so hete she is, ad fits inside the silencer like a glove, i reckon this is the best way. I did haveto extend the inner barrel by 7cm to make the end of the inner barrel to sit as close to the tonge as possible, so i brought some stainless 7.3mm barrels and cut what i needed

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