Azraels Arms AK74M Metal

From experience, you can put a stop on the transfer of funds. Don’t let banks try to tell you otherwise. Also the banks will try to tell you some bull about up to 7 days or 20 days but reality is legalese it can be 59 to 79 days depending on type of transfer.
If you stop it and he is legit, talk to him about some arrangement for payment more suitable than you paying and nothing in return or any guarantee. It is his fault for not replying.
It is your call, the longer you wait the harder it will be to deal with banks.


Fark, still haven’t heard back from him? What a chump

have you started the reclamation process with the bank?

Its all good guys the seller came through. Got the blaster this afternoon.

The only problem is the pin that holds the rear sight is gone, so it flops around. Any know where I can buy a replacement for this part?


Try Azraels, other than that you’ll have to get creative. Good to hear you got it :+1:


Glad it worked out.

You can remove him off the naughty list

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i was on the naughty list?

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More to the point, When arn’t you on that list :rofl:

hey…i can’t be held accountable for the oversights of others :stuck_out_tongue:

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No the guy selling the AK, it should of said him ,not h

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You must be feeling guilty about something :smiley:

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Awesome thanks for clearing that up K

Maybe he wasn’t wearing glasses and thought it was a Z

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Prolly the light reflecting onto the screen off his nude nut :rofl::rofl:

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its got bumfluff!

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What has…?

My noggin

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Palms too I would guess


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