Azraels testing Brushless 30k

They just put a vid up doing a test of a 35k brushless

Earlier vid mentioned they won’t sell until they’ve thrashed them for testing but price will be around $200


There’s a few videos from Negative ■■■■■■■ about those motors if people need more info…

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I’m guessing these will be the gold standard in motors

Yes, other than frankentorques…

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IN! The day I swapped to brushless RC was the day I never looked back.


Wich speed should I get?

Probably the slower one unless you’re planning a really high RPS build

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Im thinking of getting the 52k ultra high speed version with 18:1 gears. This way i could use it with a big 7.4v and still have 35k. Currently using asg boost ultimate 40k on 11.1v and 18:1 gears getting around 24rps with m95 spring at around 325 average fps. Thoughts.

Oh yeah most my batteries are 11v . I might just stick with the slowest. I’m not after insane rate of fire

There are a couple of trains of thought regarding 7v and 11v batteries

Im with you thou, id probably use one in a build based around a 7v setup but in a different way

I am thinking along the lines of the 35k with 13:1 or lower ratio gears, m90 spring and heavily short stroked in a short cqb, and purely semi

Should be really snappy

I kinda have what your planning in my xyl arp9, with a 39k @8.4v (fullly charged 7v lipo) chihai purple insanity motor, and im getting 250fps @ 24rps with a 1.3mm wells spring. Semi gets hot as the mosfet is set to 100% active brake, but in auto its pretty fun.

It should have popped the mosfet by now… but i guess ive been lucky? If it does pop i can justify a rebuild :wink:

Ordered the warhead industries 52k ultra high speed brushless motor. I have been using brushless motors for years in fpv freestyle quadcopters and rc cars and based on experience with those, these motors look like they are extremely high quality and in my opinion will be the benchmark motor. Anyone else order one from azraels yet?

going to grab a 30k.

dont forget to use a code for discount if you’re buying DMG15 will get you 15% off.


I was with the understanding that brushless motors were incompatible with mosfets? What’s changed?

The esc in the motor cant handle active brake.

The esc will have active brake built into it at the perfect amount needed to stop the motor, hence it not heating up as much, and being brushless, no arcing across the brushes to the armature

The option #1 motors dont like ROF control set to anything other that 100% as it has low voltage protection. Unsure with the other brushless motors, but would assume the same.

But who uses rof control right?

Yep. From what information i can gather, brushless motors require active braking to be turned off. Regarding rate of fire, that one is a guess as to whether it will work or not as it doesnt seem to be discussed anywhere from what i can see. Time will tell. Also regarding the discount codes, i used GBB30 as i got two magazines for my gbb pistols. That only got a discount on them not the motor. Didnt see that other code anywhere on the facebook page.

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They posted it a month ago.


Bugger…Didnt see that one. All the others i saw have a certain date range. Is it possible to use multiple discount codes anyway? At least i saved on both magazines.

Nah, can’t use multiple in one purchase. I just did two separate orders since both were over $70 so free shipping

Nice. Did you order a motor too?

Yeah, went a 30k. Have to decide which blaster I put it in now

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