Aztech innovations APACHE (tappetless cyl head)

quick question from just looking at there webpage, im not to sure on what would fit the mk92 hyb with a gen 9 t piece… ???
Or do you use the AS adjustable and mod with silicone tip…

what does the community think???

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Id say your better off going with the adjustable atleast then you can swop it out into any build you like.

Anyone have any estimate on release

Supposedly these have been built specifically to fit aps, but will supposedly fit a wells weve been told.

I guess if you can find a nozzle tip that fits

Should work well.

Good to see gel blasters continue to evolve.

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The APS nozzle looks like an SLR t-piece fit. SLRs are the only nozzles I’ve noticed that have that bevel at least.

it’s difficult to decide from a few pics.
They say they will be made for asoft and gel so you could be looking at asoft or gel ones with a nozzle removed.

I didn’t think the forbidden ones would be sold in Oz thou, so it was just the Wells and APS, I haven’t checked the site since they were posted thou.

Well it let’s you choose the a/s one and even can join the email list for when it’s out

They work on suction and springs or just suction?
Genuinely interested in these, but worried they might be open TOO long…

They are in the fully extended state for as long as the piston is moving forward and that is it. Its literally open the smallest amount of time needed. Tested at 71RPS where the mag we were using reached its limit.


Unfortunately due to Aus laws these wont even be brought into the country… until ■■■■■■■ is legalised here anyway.


We have made 3 different types. One for APS/gen8-9 type nozzle tips, one for Wells/classic army and one for ■■■■■■■.


How much longer roughly until we should expect to see these available?

The gel blaster versions are in production now. Will be here in about a month.


Will the wells one work with ldt/warinterest t-piece or is amount of travel of the nozzle different?

I will have to look into that. The nozzles are all adjustable length :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to try one.
Really looking forward to getting the new Muzzle Tech setup with the tracer as well.

Luv ya work!

@AzraelsArmoury something I’ve been thinking about cor a bit since I’ve seen them. The concept and design is cool. I’m looking forward to testing one in my mrt. But what kind of life span do you look at these staying working? Part of it are wear parts like the spring and o ring. What longevity do you expect for these parts? What would you also consider service intervals for these too?


We are using high quality orings in them and seem to hold up very well. Springs are chrome silicone so again only using highest quality parts inside to ensure longevity. They will come with a spare spring as well and the cost of replacement springs will be very minimal when they do need replacing. We have been thrashing the sh*t out of them and have not had any issues. They tell-tale noise of an APACHE is always satisfying to hear at the office :slight_smile:


Thanks mate. Yeah the new muzzletek is going to be quite special. Its a lot of extra machining in this one so trying to also keep down the price but want that premium product I want and everyone wants.