Aztech innovations APACHE (tappetless cyl head)

I noticed Azraels has a Titanium edition Apache… when will they be released to the public and how many are going to be made and at what price???

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Titanium really isnt needed but we are currently doing a limited run of 10. Not sure they will be released for general sale as the price would be about $120. Not sure people would be willing to pay that.

I’d buy one for $120, I think buyers would buy them if they were released as a limited edition. I’m keen if you release them.

Thanks dude.
Looks like I got a fcken thin one… 0.9mm?

Just one thing after another with this build. Bought mine a month ago has taken me this long to get it all put it together.
Don’t think it’d be possible to have another delay due to postage waits from wrong parts. Unless of course there’s no oring stock left… :laughing:

Get some yellow gas thread tape from Bunnings and cut a thin piece with scissors and run it around the thread that joins the two halves together… I did this and the compression on the nozzle felt a lot harder than using just the oring by it’s self… trust me, she won’t leak. haven’t tried to unscrew it yet though lol

Something of interest, I was scrolling the net today and saw these tappetless cylinder heads. Are these Apaches or are people already making copies/coming up with slightly different solutions?

nen around for a while now there is a thread on here regarding them as well

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Got a couple of those set-ups and some others before I purchased Azraels offering. Unfortunately the bans came into play before I could finish building and posting a thread about them all :confused:

Haven’t heard as much drama about them compared with the Azraels first version?

Someone here should pipe up and set me straight :joy::+1:

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Ok guys maybe i wasnt having the win i thought. I changed my gearset to 13:1 and have lost 20 fps avg is that normal ? Same spring and cylinder. Could it be a vacuum issue ? Im using a pom piston head aswell

I’ve got a 18:1 setup with a 380mm barrel and a 16:1 300mm barrel running the Apache and chucked a M90 SHS spring in both and the 18:1 makes 295fps and the 16:1 300fps running a Aztech alloy piston head and 100% cylinder, so a change in ratio doesnt seem to affect it. Might be a vaccum issue with the piston head??? I’ve noticed using good gels is essential for the Apache to operate correctly, maybe try a fresh batch of AKA gels to rule that out. After all my stuffing around with nozzles, springs and chasing FPS, I made a fresh batch of hard gels and everything worked perfectly :wink:

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Yeah turns out i put the wrong spring back in :rofl: put my m110 back in and bam im getting 320fps again

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I seem to have good seals off the bat. 330/340fps on m120. Standard Apache black nozzle tip and 2 o rings.
Terrible accuracy and shredding a few gels.
Sorting out some other issues with cycling (pme double feed etc) and then will trial different gels etc before i spend more time on tpiece/nozzle…

think i saw on some videos if you are getting double feeds you need to add a o-ring or 2 as its not sealing properly

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Thanks Dave, will try.
New box just built so still have a bunch of fine tuning to do.

Edit: I checked with 2 o rings and crush seemed perfect at around 1mm or less. I tried with 3 also seemed a bit to much, was for sure more than 1.5mm or so - but not tested with gels.

The gels make a big differance, old gels end up like confetti, you have to run really hard “Fresh” gels for the Apache to operate correctly. I spent hours stuffing around with nozzles and spacing to discover I was using the wrong gels.

Thanks. Yes these are fresh UEs fully grown.
after seeing how they travel through the ldt they are bigger than I thought. Too big for 7.3 barrel. many at 7.55mm +

I’m growing some aka’s full size to try. Will try a control grow if no improvement. Gonna check for smoothness inside tpiece too then will play with nozzle.

i no mine just smashed AKA gels only likes ultra elites

DDM4A1 i no what you mean i thought aka gels were pretty tuff but does make a big difference

Surprising the Tactical Edge Extra Hard Gels work really well… I belive they are Harder than AKAs. The AKAs are hit and miss.

mind you i haven’t tries all gel brands others may work well

however try a few different types as that can make a huge difference