Aztech scythe split gearbox


apache only? bold choice


I just want Muzzleteks back in stock.

yes like the ldt boxes ?

and he fired the apache without t-piece on

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The one piece nozzles don’t have any risk of breaking like the OG adjustable ones.


I do like how the mag terminals are attached to the bottom, unlike my ldx and my ra box. I dont like it is apache only, probably more strength up the front?

Good old aidstech armoury.

The compromise of deleting the area for the tappet from the upper half allows for more room on the bottom half. I’m all about it. My apaches kick ass.

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They are being made right now and will use the injection molded Hellfire hopup tongue

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APACHE or HPA. Just no place for a tappet. This allowed us to make it even stronger up front since it is now solid 7075 alloy.

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you sure it not in preparation for something else perhaps?

HPA engines is certainly one avenue but we are working on something much better that should be available in December that will make HPA obsolete so we arent going to invest in old tech at this stage.

This better not be a bullshit tease. They are being coy as fuck with this.

That is something completely different which we cant really talk about. That gearbox is very different!

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:thinking: hmm what’s cooking good looking :thinking: :laughing: