Back again briefly

Little M4A1 V8 back together again​:+1: Only an hour to strip/repair/rebuilt and back chucking out gels​:sunglasses: Yes the piston/head copping a flogging, feeding issue due to incorrect nozzle/seal/timing :roll_eyes:Been a while waiting on another couple of FB Tight bore barrels. Has there been a delay in orders lately? I know that there’s Covid etc. but seems to be very long delay with heaps of other parts ordered since arrived quite a while back?

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Nice one mate :+1:t4: yes there seems to be a delay with everything of mine coming from the east

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That is wrong in so many ways :thinking:

Voltage meter is reading wrong or you’re overcharging you battery.

Numbers are so inconsistent, 310 to 446 shows you at the least have leaks somewhere or everywhere.

Those numbers on a gen8 are asking for trouble, both mechanically and electrically, so accuracy and reliability is meh :rofl:


That’s certainly true mate, the head/nozzle/t-piece seal has been busted. Waiting on parts to get it all back together. Only reassembled to see how my temporary patch job worked out…not very well obviously :joy: It was bought a couple years ago and has been my test mule for everything. Old thing holding up well considering :+1: I know that you know your tech, I love reading all your posts, and know that this pig certainly would have you shaking your head :joy: It was built to do a “Job” which it does very effectively. I don’t field play or would ever consider using against any fellow people. It’s only used when the occasional arises and is only fired at single/3-5 round bursts at a time. Yes distance accuracy goes out the window past 15–20 metres, but targets are at 2-10 metres 99% of the time. Normally runs steady and consistent at 390-400 under normal conditions when not full of leaking parts as it is at the moment :confused: Would not feed gels properly and jamming in the T-piece in this test, battled to get a clean 5-10 round burst, hence fps and rof all over the place. Have a few other modified pre-built gearboxes spare that I might just drop in for now until parts arrive.

Little Pig had the wiring turfed out the first month I got it. Has had several different mods wiring wise over all this time. Most of it all outdated and is being replaced again once more goodies arrive in the mail. I have a big box full of electronics as I’m sure that you would have 10x times as much with all of the work you do with these :+1: RE:Battery, yes, is one of the dodgy fake B6 Chargers and normally keep an eye on the charging to pull batteries early. Unfortunately was busy chucking the pig together at the time and before I knew it the buzzer was going off :confused: Always try stopping them before 11.2.

Early Air-Soft/Nerf tech some time ago and chopping frames fitting different motors. Yes nasty back yard stuff, but that’s what the pig is for, shits and giggles. My other 2 blasters are nothing this stupid. There’s certainly a whole lot more gear available these days that’s much easier to fit in the tiny little spaces available in these things.

Wiring is only one issue but like you have done it can easily be upgraded, but the poor little 460 motor is being punished as can be seen by the ROF at only around 7 rps average on the 3s lipo.

The motor is being massively over loaded so even the Turnigy 25-50c battery will struggle.

I would be happy to play against you using that setup including the 390 -400fps because I know that unless we are playing CQB , I could hit you harder and faster at 3 to 1 hits and 300fps even at 15m and at over 15m you have no chance :rofl:

Its cool to play with but this type of setup makes no sense to me for target practice or playing the game safely and I personally don’t encourage this type of setup on the forum.

Not trying to be a smart ass, just trying to make sense of it is all :+1:


Yeah, as I have clearly stated several times. This is a toy and a hobby. It’s mine to be built to do a job. I don’t play games, shoot other people or take it anywhere off the property. It actually performs very well for the job it was designed for. All Chrono readings are at a single trigger burst on dodgy JM fire select. As you know these things very well, very short single to 10 round bursts don’t throw out steady numbers. It runs a very capable Rare Earth Motor, all SHS parts, good wiring and high amp switches and all it has to do is the odd short bursts. But has been doing this for nearly 2 years and still on the original nylon gearbox housing I modified way back then. I have several spare boxes I already have built and modified ready to fit if needed, but this thing has yet to break :+1: I’m not a gamer or hero, just mucking around with toys. My other two blasters are much more sensible. 1x Stock SKD M4SS @ 200-220 FPS and the other old girl SKD HK416 340-360fps with very little other than standard upgrades to the gearbox. Still running 7.4V and standard M4SS Select Fire MOSFET. I have a bit of fun with these around the property ( 88 rural acres- not small residential areas), the M4A1 test pig is a hobby… and we have a cabinet full of real pew pew sticks for when we are out on the property for the real life jobs. Is a great forum with lots of educational content and some fkn funny bastards that have been a joy to read. Have been having a few great laughs at peoples humour and comments. Keep up the great work :+1:

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Spoke too early…sounds like AR latch on its way to the parts bin…or the bevel gear :gear: Either way, will find out soon enough :roll_eyes: Will do an autopsy and get some pics.

Well, that was a good call ^^^^^^^
Motor pinion gear grub screw coming adrift

may have had a good play in this I reckon :rage:

Gearbox damaged at AR Axle locator, but gears etc all good :+1: One tiny grub screw is all it took :grin:

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Posted in another forum here…
Not putting Little Pig back together properly until a few parts arrive. Just threw in a spare SDK HK416/M4SS Box with random upgraded mods to just get a few pew pews in for the night :+1: I dumbed it back to most of the crappy Nylon/China cheap accessories just to get it back together. The full metal adapters/upgrades/accessories take alot of time to strip and reassemble. Was just a fun few dumping magazines with different mix gels through the Chrono and destroying a few cans​:sunglasses:!