Bad soldier hobbies. Anyone dealt with them before?

Has anyone dealt with bad soldier hobbies?
I’m having a lot of empty promises and what seems like $250 dowb the drain.

There is already a thread on them created by myself.

Damn, I spent $100 online with them last night🤬

Hey man, contact your bank ASAP.
PM me if you need details.

Used afterpay to ‘purchase’ from the same vendor. Contacted afterpay today for a refund and it was handled within 3 hours.

I contacted afterpay and they said that the vendor had to approve the refund on their end first. So until then, afterpay cannot do anything apparently.

They said the same for me, had to be very pushy for them to not give me a scripted answer (it’s not our problem, contact vendor ect) eventually they got the message.

Have you received any messages from the vendor? If not, send emails and texts, get that evidence piling up. ( I sent about 6 trying to get in contact with the vendor no response, ever.)
Called them once yesterday and today, straight to voicemail.

PM me for contact details. if you don’t have it. Contact them and make a record. Document all contact with them

How long ago did you place your order?
If it’s outside of the timeframe stated on their website and they haven’t contacted you, you’re entitled to a refund legally, they must comply with this.

After pay should have sent you an email asking how your experience with them was if you called them. Submit a complaint, explain what’s happening, specifically Mention that the Vendor is failing to respond to your needs(if this is your issue, it was mine). Keep complaining.

I also submitted a charge back through my bank, but I doubt that helped in anyway. (NAB)

Keep up the payments with Afterpay, this is important, it will cause further headache if you don’t. You will eventually get your money back, keep persisting.

These things worked for me, I’m not sure of your specific circumstances unfortunately.

Next step if these fail the only other solution is hopping through government agency’s.

Contact your fair trade ombudsman in your state, they should be able to negotiate with the merchent. If this fails contact the ACCC. They will help you over the phone.

Time consuming and frustrating, but this is your money and it’s been stolen. Don’t give up.

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I used them to purchase my sons back up blaster, came today no issues. 5 day lead time so not bad and I asked are these Australian stock, they replied yes.
Parts on the other hand probably drop shipped.


Hey Lads…

As a public space we need to be careful about how we phrase things.

Where you are flaming a specific entity it is useful to provide it in a timeline with adequate but not colourful notes

In this manner you are listing factual items and not bagging out a business and possibly being in the cross hairs for slander or some other tortious matter.

That said, this space is specifically to share knowledge and experience as well as garner advice and the game plan as outlined above will help.



I’ve no doubt m8.

Previous issues raised very similar to yours has had me find equipment elsewhere but they were never on my list to begin with.

We can still impart that poor quality of service it’s just how you write it down that counts.

Legalese in the public space is complete poppycock I agree…but we are subject to it nonetheless.

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This is great information to have… in today’s PC climate, we just have to be very careful in public places such as forums and even social media, that we dont cremate someone or some business which could be taken as slanderous. This thread is clearly about the subject business in question… so all comments are likely to be about that business.

Repeating their name and thrusting red hot irons into them in your post in the thread, has no more effect than saying “I had issues with them too, such as bla bla” and explaining your issue.

Saying "Yes, business name: XXXXXXX Phone number xxxxxx, of xxxxxxx address, email address xxxxxx, farcebook page xxxxxx, physical address xxxxxx’ are a pack of aresoles… can be seen (and probably proven’ to be a slanderous dig at them… which can cost the poster and the provider (the forum) alot of money

I am happy to have had this information… we just need to not do it in such a blatantly slanderous way :+1:

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I received a refund from them today but I never even asked for it?

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My post was removed by the looks of it.

Repeating what I said,

I have reported BAD SOLDIER HOBBIES to Afterpay and the ACCC for lying to customers.

If they were honest I wouldn’t care and probably still shop there, but they are tricking Australians and taking business from true local Businesses that run their businesses legitimately.


I got this about 3 weeks ago but have not heard from them sisce and the drum won’t pick up, I have tyres to vet into contact with they but no luck

But tac toys are strate on to it got t
It with in a week and had have no problems with it or them

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Cheers for the update @Jai_Crockford!

welcome to the forum Jai:

I would recommend continuing to chase them.

It seems that all vendors have bad periods or drop the ball on occasion and TT are frequently on that list as well…as are many others.

I guess it would probably pay to diversify your contact channels with Bad Soldier. I have noted that many vendors start addressing issues when you hit them up via facebook.


If all else fails you can put a claim in with your credit card and try and get the charge reversed

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