Bambo : First Mod

I use

Blame rattler… Choice stuff


We have a few bottles of that in the workshop, works well in certain applications :+1:

Polyurethane glue will stick anything to anything almost, and permanently…

Nothing sticks soles on shoes more permanently than this stuff, but it takes 24hrs to set properly


Yeap, I’m researching in the background, Loctite 5117 fits the bill maybe but I can’t find an australian seller… This stuff seems to be the best option…

Vibra-Tite® VC-3 Threadmate - Engineering Adhesives & Lubricants (Aust) Pty Ltd (

EDIT: 107$ for a 30ml bottle! 55$ for one from the U.S. via ebay…

Gorilla glue is at supacheap right around the corner…

Understandable. I’m pretty sure everyone here (including myself) has had their own catastrophic shimming horror story

Also I like to use Loctite 222 which is pretty common. You can get it at bunnings

I don’t think I’ve been a blaster owner for a month yet and I have more than one story that’s for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the spirit, get those failures out early! I was the same tbh :rofl:

Yeap, I’m looking forward to failing in ways nobody’s ever seen before… It’ll take some work, but I believe I have it in me… :joy:

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Not sure what is going on with it, guys. Swapped out the aluminum barrel for the factory plastic and went from 50-70 FPS to around 200 FPS, siliconed the old barrel into a new t-piece and got 100-150 FPS. Going to try a brand new aluminum barrel, wondering if this one is damaged somehow (out of round, etc)… Going to be slow going, it’s a busy week :wink:

It will be the original t-piece mate.
I did the same thing with the twin, used 1 new Gen8 t-piece on one side and an original on the other. Both with new 7.5 barrels, the one with the original was shite so swapped to new t-piece and barrel and all good👍
The original t-pieces have different internal dimensions


Thanks so much for sharing that, couldn’t work out what the hell was going on… :grimacing:

I had a bit more time than I thought. Bought a couple 2200 mah 11.1 lipo with a deans plug, noticed it had 12AWG wiring, so upgraded the entire thing with some 12 AWG wire . Only 29$ each from here Ace Power 11.1v 3s 2200mah 40c Lipo Battery With Deans Connector (

That’s awesome!