Barrel adapter spring

hi guys ordered one of these, wondering what the spring is for and if I put it on the correct position?spring


Yes that is correct, when the t piece adaptor is on it keeps the t piece back against the gearbox.


What model was this for o.O?
My gen9 doesn’t have one

Yeah I’ve got a gen9

Yes, Gen9/10 don’t have the spring. It’s something you need if you’ve copied a V2 design…

Though if you’re using that barrel adapter you might need it, the gen9 barrel end holds the t piece in the right place to interface with the front of the gearbox. That barrel adapter might allow it to move forward, you’ll need to check?

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I see o.O!
Coz I brought one of those metal long ones, the one that look like stock gen9 t piece holder but with a thread part sticking out, I will be sure to check the t piece fitment see if I need one :smiley:

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If it fits the front of the gearbox you’re using then I’d use the one you bought along with the spring :+1:t3:

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