Barrel arrived bent

Has anyone ever had a barrel delivered anything like straight? My 40cm barrel for my J10 arrived today, but it is badly bent. It was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap… but that doesn’t help if it is in a post bag with letters and things. with other bags piled on top… Sure, I can probably get it almost straight… but it is bent in 2 dimensions (in 2 places) so it resembles a cork screw… DoH!! :roll_eyes:

Does anyone north of Brisbane (near the Sunny Coast) sell barrels so I can pick one up?!


My 33.5cm barrel for my Gen9 is due tomorrow… I wonder if that will be bent as well…

You should use it, that way you will be able to shoot around corners :roll_eyes:


Yeah… dont worry about INTERNAL rifling… this has EXTERNAL rifling :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you install it right you wont need a hop up. :slight_smile:

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These guys seem to be the closest to the sunny coast mate:

My second barrel arrived today, the 33.5 for my Gen9… straight as… no issues :+1:

The mob that sent me the 40cm one that got bent are sending me another… hopefully this one will arrive straight… they dont want the other one back. Here’s hoping this one gets here straight…

Yes, M4A1 has moved… they are now at 134a Bullcock st, Caloundra… down the bottom end of Bullcock st… just up from the Golden Beach turnoff and caravan park.

Great looking shop…

I would message wherever you bought the bent barrel from and ask them for replacement or refund and if their sending a replacement tell them don’t be cheap an offcut length of PVC pipe at 400mm is $2-3. tape the ends with barrel inside it.

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