Barrel drum won't fit any M4 receivers

I bought this drum mag which was suppose to fit Gen8/9/10. It doesn’t fit any of my toys.
I must admit none of my toys have standard receivers but they all can take Gen8/9 mags.
It looks like the mag part protruding from the drum is too short so doesn’t allow me to push it up enough to secure it with the mag lock.
Has anyone else used one of these barrel drums?
It looks great and is made of nylon, that is why I bought it.

Got the exact same one last week. Just need to shave a couple mm off the back where it hits the back of the mag welll.

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Shave off the drum i mean not your mag well.

I thought that one looked silly with the fake bullets. After seeing the hack job with that mag I’m glad I got the STD 5 one
I got this for SLR build

and this for the ACR…needed to trim a few MM off the mag for a really good tight fit.

Hack job? Thats a precision dremel adjustment.
Yeah not fussed on looks. Cant really see it when its clipped in. Works a treat anyway.
Agree about the bullets. Im gonna mask up the outside and spray them all black. I just didnt want the twin ball bag drum mag. Dont you have to switch between each drum when one goes dry.


no offense intended mate. Just use a juice bottle (AKA speed loader for tight asses), drums open up really easy and load a full juice bottle in seconds. And I like my balls swinging like a bulldog.
Note. My mate tried the STD 5 drum with HK 416 and T piece didn’t quite reach the drum, but his ACR worked perfectly, as did mine.

Thanks @Matth1000 I was looking at doing that with my dremel but that really does look like a hack job. I think I will on sell to someone who has a standard gen9.
Do these mag drums actually fit a standard Gen9 without tampering?

You guys have made me want to make it look a bit better. What you reckon ? Bit of jb weld then hand sand back to a neat finish with a round file.
Bit hard with the dremel because the plastic melts and builds up and looks crap.
I will give it a shot with jb weld and see what it comes up like.

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Sorry bloke, it’s like that scratch on your new stainless steel beer Fridge which your mate so kindly points out to you, but you push on and grab a beer and then realize what fucken scratch… It’s what’s on the inside that counts😜

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Yeah thats it hey. Filled it up with jb weld this arvo then i will grind it back with a round file, mask up the outside, cut out each individual little whole in the ouside and paint the fake bullets.
Looks sweet when its in the blaster but the dremel melts the plastic and makes a mess of it.

Managed to find a bit of time to finish off the drum mag.
came up pretty good, looks a lot better than before.
actually fits a lot better to.


Good recovery job mate, obviously a panel beater from way back :joy:

Came up awesome Bro hail

Did you do it with JB and sanding?

Yep fill it all in higher than needed with jb weld.
Sand and file back down till it fitted again then high fill prime. Sand and paint.
Painted the fake ■■■■■■■ in the drum as well.

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