Barrel Hop Up Disassembly

Anyone else pulled their hop ups to pieces?

Test firing my upgraded M4 highlighted an issue with gels breaking up out of the barrel… it was fine without the War Interest hop up, confetti with it on, no matter how it was adjusted. I use Armour Tech green hardened gels.

I decided to pull the hop up apart ( yes, you can if you’re careful) because I noticed the top tongue seemed to have developed a bit of a memory, backing off the grub screw didn’t raise the top tongue up, it stayed fairly low. Figured I’d bend both tongues back so that I had some adjustment again…

Hard to believe but the gels seemed to have caused significant wear on the bottom tongue, it was quite rough… and there were quite a few sharp edges and corners on the inside of the outer case. I reset the bend in the two tongues to get some adjustment back, cleaned it all up with some careful scraping and steel wooling and polished the bottom tongue up to baby bum smooth… works properly again.

Just thought I’d share this in case, like me, you decide to build a dedicated muzzle break or suppressor with a permanently incorporated hop up. They do wear out, and if they’re permanently fitted you’re kinda screwed… maybe the Rizer alloy hop ups are a better option.


Nice one mate, I noticed last week that my brand new war interest hop up was the exact same, backing off the grub screws made no difference.

I might have to venture down this path too, thanks for the post!

No probs… just ease a tiny flat screwdriver in from the front, there are two glue points, at the back at the attach point and about halfway down each tongue. Wiggle a bit and it’ll come apart easily enough.

Mine was glued with CA, just a thin micro dot so it’s easy to break the glue bond. Then stick a pencil or something into the outer from the front and those little puppies just slide on out. Self locating when they go back in, glue’s optional cos the grub screws hold them in place. I glued mine in the same spots though for stability.

I think I might try the Rizer alloy hop ups… these War Interest ones are pretty unstable for mine… and the grub screws strip out if they’re on and off a lot. :+1:

Just discovered that the outer case of a War Interest hop up is the correct size for a Beretta M90Two… it’s just the tongue guides that stop it going on…

Now THIS requires further investigation. I already have a short suppressor with the same hop up incorporated… :+1: where’s the dremel and glue?