Barrel length compromises

I just ordered a LDT LDX and was wondering whether I should build an SLR with a 330mm barrel or go a CQB build.

What would be the pro’s cons in terms of fps, range, accuracy?

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They come with an 80% cylinder. It should be fine for a 33cm(7.3id) barrel really. I have one in my mp5 though. It’s very short. Like a 15cm barrel and I was having near perfect aim at Donny last Sunday at about 40m.

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My cqb (12cm barrel) and my extremis (40ishcm barrell) run the same internals other then cylinder porting. Both average roughly the same fps, both are Farley accurate, only noticeable difference is the range, the cqb will go about half the distance.

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Sorry, the LDX has an 80% barrel?
Do you know what your cylinder to barrel ratio is?

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the reply BenT, something to think about.

I’d have to do the maths again at some point. But tbh what I have set up doesn’t make sense. My ratio should be way too high. Yet it seems to work to near perfection.

Fuck I would love to know ppls actual distance because honestly a lot of gel ballers can not tell the difference between 15 m and 60 meters . And their actual accuracy percentage at distance. Some guys will shoot 50 Gels and hit 3 gels at 50 meters and say they have good accuracy.


3 gels at 50m is good accuracy :joy::joy:. At least in gel form. That being said. My mp5 is starting to change my perspective on a few things lately. At 10m I can hit 10/10 rounds on a kilo can. 20m. 8-9/10. And i was hitting people at 30-40 meters reliably with a 3 shot burst over the weekend. It’s almost at a point where I’d say unnatural. I’m still trying to work out how.

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Ok so let’s break this down . The amount of gels shot to get your percentage rate . Spread size 200 for head shot 400 mm For chest over distance . I’m getting 90 percent head shot at 18 meters and I’m still not happy with it . My hop up is up to shit . Look I think if you get a 50 percent hit rate @ 30 meters with 300mm spread your in a good zone . Not great but good . If you can get a 30 percent hit rate at 50m with a spread of 400mm I would think that’s ok . Dunno maybe my expectations are to high or maybe what I consider to be ok would be great to some one else or shit to someone else .

I haven’t played enough to actually know what is considered to be good accuracy. But I don’t believe half the ppl because their is so much lack of info on their accuracy. Guys with say I can hit a bloke at 50 meters . And that’s it . Didn’t say how many he shot to get the hit . Didn’t say if he was a fat cunt or a string bean . Didn’t say if he was indoors or out . Etc

@Xetarat mate if you’re getting good 60m accuracy out of a gel that is, as you say, unatural…

It’s been said on here before, and I say this with no offence intended…

Photos or it didn’t happen :joy: or video

Something that’s been said to me on here sooo many times, I’ve been hangin’ for the chance to use it on someone else. :rofl: sorry dude… you’re it :blush::+1:

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With a spinning gel there are so many variables like gel size inconsistency, hardness, weght, weight distribution, wind, etc that consistency and grouping is like the Holy Grail.

Yep, you might hit someone at a greater range, but that’s like lining up a pool shot with your eyes closed, belting the crap out of the ball and sending it into a pocket off 4 cushions. More luck than skill.

If you’re getting good accuracy, and by that I mean you can hit your target with minimal correction and minimal attempts at 20 - 25 mtrs, be happy. If you get better accuracy, bonus.

All of my blasters become inaccurate after about 25 metres. After that I have to arc or lob to get to where I want to be. That’s normal.

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Yeah I’m waiting until Sunday. They have a target range that goes to 45m I think. Gonna try and get a video there. My mp5 now that it’s set up I can almost guarantee accuracy at 40m. I’ve hit people with my aug at 60. But it was more like artillery and I needed about 100-200 gels and a stationary target.

(Seriously. I’m not joking about the mp5. Something isn’t right with how good it is)

Not me just an example. I can only test 18 meters in my back yard . I know what I get at 18 meters . All I’m saying is most ppl have no idea to judge distance. All I’m saying is that ppl don’t actually give specifics on their accuracy and there should be some base line to go off . Spread of distance and percentage rate of hits .

I think you could get a good baseline at 30 meters of consistency but After that the spread seems to be further then body width . But 20 to 25 meters a 60 to 80 percent spread of 300mm is definitely achievable . I mean I have no issues getting a spread of 200 mm at 18 meters .

Fire rate seems to play apart in accuracy as well . I raised my fire rate from 50 percent to 80 percent and lost a bit of accuracy. Not sure if it’s the extra vibration or the cylinder doesn’t seem the fill with air as much or what not . But that first shot out the barrel always seems to be on point .