Barrel stabiliser

Hey guys, for those with longer inner barrels (30cm+) what are you using to stabilise your inner barrel with the outer? I’m currently using some rubber grommets but they are so grippy they aren’t allowing the spring on the t piece to push the T up nicely against the air nozzle.
Some recommendations would be appreciated!

Have you tried upgrading the spring ?
I upgraded the spring and it helped.
It holds the T piece firmly against the nozzle it’s even helped with creating a better air seal

No I haven’t, which spring did you buy?

I found a lot of gel b bc lasted shops didn’t sell that type is spring. So I just measured it and went to Bunnings and bought one that was thicker gage and 5mm longer, that way it applied the pressure I was wanting

Get some thin o rings and put them on the inner barrel before installing, better and easier than teflon tape