Barrel stabilizer

Mine I’ve just noticed does not have the pictured barrel stabilizer.

Are others the same or have I got a forgot Friday one… :roll_eyes:


Don’t know about the CQB version, but my MRT has the stabiliser. It has a recess in the lower section which a square nut fits into. A 3mm grub screw goes up through the bottom of the handguard into the nut and tightens the outer barrel and handguard together.

I have the CQB model and mine doesn’t have it either

Normally CQB blasters have such short barrels that support is not necessary

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Thanks @HelterSkelter @Duncan @Rattler for replies much appreciated.

CQB is accurate as is (beer cans are toast at 10m :grin:), the stock photo threw me off and I can move the barrel a bit with little effort.

Thanks for the input. I have an South Australian made hopup ordered. 3d printed, bit pricey $25, but should fit snug in the handguard and help stabilize. Bit like a Noveske Pig massive flash hider looking thing. I’ll give it a go :wink:


@Maiphut Can you measure the diameter of that? Might be able to find a suitable stabilizer ring for it

Sure, 18.8mm OD behind the 14mm CCW thread for plastic adaptor muzzle end that is attached to outer barrel.

The handguard ID is 35.0mm.

Thanks, I’ve had not much luck finding such an animal as of yet. Appreciated.

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One of these might fit

[#Aliexpress MYR 15.73 | Handguard Rail Stable Ring for Jinming8 Jinming9 BD556 HK416 AR15 TTM Paintball Accessories - for 99% Handguard]

[#Aliexpress MYR 33.41 5%OFF | Outdoor activities CS NSR fishbone LVO wasp fishbone M016M16FFRAS Upgrade material fishbone “19mm casing stability ring” QJ09]

[#Aliexpress MYR 20.20 | Stable Ring For Ris/Ras Rail Front-end Stabilize Parts for JinMing Gen.8 M016 And 19mm Outer Barrel]


That’s it you legend @Little_Cobra_G_WBB

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I got one you can have
or this one is awesome

I find this great as a ‘barrel stabilizer’ … ‘Hic’… laughing (1)

A bit stops the shakes… too much starts them again…badluck


It’s probably the only barrel stabilizer we’ve had before. But it almost always works!

Thanks @spectre720 that is exactly the one I’ve ordered.

I’ll wait for that, appreciate the offer.

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anytime…hows the m16a4 going?

It’s a beast, I’ve used it a lot like 150k+ shots. Waiting on some new bearings for some much needed TLC. The rest is fine :wink:


Added a 3K Mods hopup and I am impressed. One of the nicer 3D printed hopups I have seen/used. Fits perfect, lots of adjustability, tightened grouping up nicely.


Anyone knows what muzzle diameter is suitable for the CQB version? 14mm or 19mm?

I believe it is 14mm CCW. I put in a ausgel 7.3 ID barrel cut down to 22.5cm. Added short outer barrel extension with a threaded J9 hop up that sits gulag with the suppressor. Also this model, nylon outer and metal gearbox came with the barrel stabiliser that fits very snug. No grub screws needed

19mm for the barrel stabilizer on my full nylon CQB :+1: