Barrels and barrel food - what do you feed your blasters?

looking for people’s favourite bags of gels for the following barrel sizes

tight bore 7.1 ID
fighting bro 7.2 ID
generic alu 7.5 ID

if you have some other combination, keen to know that also :slight_smile:

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LDT milkies for my 7.5mm barrel. But yet to try the new Ausgel ones…

Milkies for all of them


i’m usually a gold bag milky muppet too but there have been occasions where finding supply has been challenging so i’m trying to identify suitable alternatives

the heavy milkies don’t suit the fb 7.2 all that well :(. which is really annoying because i have nearly 1kg of the things and they are only suitable for my old equipment - not that that stuff sucks but…

i wanna use my sexy new equipment :sob:

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I’ve tried most of them and the only way you are going to be able to use any of them is to grow them to under 7mm or size them like I do. I grade all our gels to .1 of a mm eg. 7, 7.1, 7.2 up to 7.6. My wells at around 300fps likes7.2mm the scar with the big spring likes 7.3, the sons g36 likes 7.4 and both vecters are happy with 7.5 so the 7.1’s and under are the ones you want but are useless for me.

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Milkies as well… I grade the sizes and change barrels to suit…:+1:

Xforce milkies
Running fighting bro 7.5 Vector 1.25 spring
Fighting bro 7.2 M4a1 gen8 1.25spring
Work Great in both guns… go figure
I tried 8 different gels or more best by far for me.
I will be at cqb Guerrilla blasters tomorrow, hey come and get shot by these gels and see how good they go

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We’re a little left of where I want to be with this one.

I’m good for size selection, what I need is a good alternative to gold bag 7.1 milkies when I can’t get them


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Seems like a lot of effort guys. I have only ever used milkies gold packet because I bought 150 thousand of them. I stick them in 1 litre drink bottles over night, drain them and get great results from a tight bore 7.1 to a 7.5 standard bore.

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impart your wisdom m8

similarly i am a gold bag fan but i’ve had many over the 7.2 in the last bag.

makes it hard to build kit when your ammo us up the …

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I am just grateful we can get gels at all… so, if I have to grade them, so be it.

Can you imagine trying to manufacture gel balls that ALL come out at one size… when buyers all use water with different acidity/alcalinity… with different minerals, flouride, chlorine or whatever is in their local water… at different temperatures, different altitudes?

For me, I am happy to grade them roughly… at least to get the really big or really small few out of the main lot…

Our gel blasters are toys remember… just a whole heap of fun… think of them as such… :+1:

Honestly @zeHamish I think gel balls are very forgiving. It’s the nature of the product which is so malleable compared to the other hard plastic derivative.
I find it way to often people are blaming the gel balls when in actual fact it is their hardware which is the problem.
I would love to see a close up slow mo footage of how a gel ball is travelling through the barrel. I’m pretty sure when that first burst of air at say 400fps is coming out of the t-peice , it is pushing that gel ball in all directions inside the barrel including outwards. You will find gel balls will mostly fit to their inner barrel diameter.
For this reason, I think if you get your compression right, the size of the gel ball is insignificant.

Much of the time it’s gel prep and storage target than the hardware but I hear ya… These things are a minefield of perfection points

Alas my issue with the recent bag is inconsistent size with some reading 7.3

That video footage would indeed be fantastic to see

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I think gels are quite forgiving if they are a good fit for the barrel… to a few .points less… the smaller ones will flare up as they squash down the barrel… but if they are just that tad too big… the friction down the barrel slows them alot… and when they cross the line to being JUST too small… there is an air gap around them, they dont seal in the barrel and they dribble out.

Also, if you get a small one stopped in the barrel, the next one stove pipes it and they tend to splatter out of the barrel… big ones can get stuck also, making obstacles for the next ones… or rip and make a mess…

That is why I like to at least sort out the really big and really small ones… :+1:

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Really you guys go to this much trouble. I have the odd one dribble out of the end of the barrel but I’m 50 so I guess that is just a stage in life :wink:


Question? I use the green ausgel gels an I just got a metal barrel for the ACR J10 I’m upgrading for my son. When I bought the barrel I got green o ring, new alloy nozzle an nozzle head, as well as 1.3 unequal spring.( An next shs 18:1 metal gears, upgraded motor, pinion head, barrel stabilizer an few whatever I missed). Now b4 i did this first upgrade, even with a bent barrel an air leaks at nozzle head, an t-piece I didn’t have my green ausgel gels exploding mid flight like they are now with the new barrel. Its like their is to much air being used to push the gels down the barrel an they are hitting each other on the way out of the barrel an anywhere upto 5m mark u see this happening. Have put old barrel in to see if their is any difference due to the longer barrel length. Or could it be that I’m still running the 7.4v original for the time being. But I don’t see how that would be it as the 7.4v would be slower firing battery? Will be testing original barrel in few hours time. Or should I wait till my milkies turn up an try them? I’m a noob an learning on the go, been lucky enough to get good advice here already as well as the local store to buy from with a bloke willing to teach an show u things like putting whole gearbox back together after my kids dropped it on the floor an giving me advice on what I need to achieve the build my son an i are working towards. An if it is something simple as gel ball size causing me issues be grateful.

Fightingbro 7.0 barrel. Using Ausgel greens [haven’t tested the armour techs yet] gives me the most best result.

What length of barrel did you change to? My ACR has a 50cm alloy barrel at the moment until some bits arrive and it will be cut down to about 45cm but I have no problem at all running Milkies or Ausgel through it. I’ve got a DK J10 hopup, green oring and a 1.3 unequal spring, totally stock everything else but 11.1v battery. It shoots good and straight. With yours, you might want to stabilise your inner barrel. They do tend to flap around a lot. A few wraps of electrical tape or plumbers tape at a few spots along the barrel can make a big difference.

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The bloke I am buying all my stuff from locally here at oz hobbies in morayfield was out of the longer barrels which turning up any day now. So we tried a 30cm 7.2 barrel to see how it went an yeah had gels exploding as left barrel but did notice the ones that didn’t explode leaving barrel or during flight which wasn’t big deal or too noticeable was big improvement over original barrel. Put my original barrel back in an no problem with gels exploding at all. So waiting on new barrel to turn up. An the 30cm barrel will go in my vector I’m getting ready to start upgrading once ACR finished.

I got the 7.3mm ID 316L stainless steel barrel that fits good for the milky gel ball , they are mirror inside and very smooth .

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