Battery Compartment. 11v + mosfet

Rear stock modification to house battery and gate mosfet.


Mate thats a tidy solution. So this has tou fitting thw 11v and a Mosfet? Whats the materials used to build that bonds well with the nylon?

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Is that a bruisemaster 3rd from the bottom?
I got one on my m4 and pretty happy with it.
Milkys only though.
@Sam_D would be interested as well. He is shopping for one for his m24

I’m interested in the barrel test results too (not sure how I feel about my current barrel)

this is probably a dumb question, but what is a mosfet?

The short answer is that it’s a transistor/chip that manages the voltage/current passed through it.

It’s mostly used here to reduce the voltage running through the trigger when using a higher voltage battery so you don’t burn out the trigger contacts too quickly.
The more expensive ones have programmable options which allow for burst fire-like abilities and such…

Bumping this for such a neat little mod.