Battery Fit, a noob question


Just got my LDT HK416D V3 so I am brand new to the hobby, so right off the bat I have noob question regarding the battery fit, in that I have noticed that with the stock battery installed the connectors tend to poke out quite a bit beyond the end of the tube which prevents the butt stock from fully retracting, which I also think means there is some undue stress being placed upon on the wiring/connector as well.

So to the actual question, I’d like to replace the battery with a shorter 7.4 cell (call me silly but I like the slower more authentic cyclic rate of the 7.4), having a quick look online reveals that is a multitude of choices when it comes to batteries. So can some kind sole guide me as to what would be the best fit. Also preferably something I can charge with the supplied USB charger.

Cheers Spud

Well figured it out for myself, turns out it was my battery installation method that was wrong.
This was due to most if not all youtube videos showing the battery being installed with the buttstock removed, so I naturally thought this was the right way.

On closer examination I realised I could unclip the shoulder cushion, to gain access to install the battery, and that the battery leads and connector can then be neatly and easily stowed into one of the hollows for cheek rests with out any undue trauma on them.

Did say from the get go, that I was a noob!

Cheers Spud


Welcome, glad you worked it out :ok_hand: