Battery kriss vector v2

Hi I just upgraded my kriss vector with new spring o ring and 11.1 battery. Problem is original terminal and new battery terminal are different and I accidentally plugged it in the wrong way it sparked and now smells and doesn’t work. HELP!!!

I am afraid you may have destroyed your mosfet board

Any idea how to know as I have it pulled back down again??

Smell the mosfet itself , if it smells really bad then you’ve let the smoke out of it


There is no polarity protection on that board.

A new one will run 13-45$ and they are easy enough to fit

There’s a crew who does a top teardown which you should watch twice before and first run

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Can you possibly point me in the right direction please mate. Cheers

All electronics run on smoke, once you let the smoke out, it don’t run no more!!
You let the smoke out!!


You can try hand winding in smoke but it’s a tedious task that takes forevvvveeeerrrrr…

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You can buy Lucas (lord of darkness) wiring harness smoke in jars? Maybe the smoke could be replaced after all?