Battery performance question

Just wondering how long roughly you should get from a 11.1v battery.
It’s in a well M4 , I’m only getting 6-7 full mags before it goes flat.

what battery is it? is it one of those “2000mah” long black ones? Or something else



yeh its prob more 600mah in reality, so your usage seems correct.
Sadly 2000 is not possible in that size.

heavier springs and torquey motors will impact run time also.

these are an adequate stock battery but…look to get something better

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they are a good battery i use a few, i just wish it wasnt a false reading on the label. when i discharge test them its about 600-800 in average

Just asking, if I were to do full internal upgrades on my gen 8, is the tactical version 11.1v good enough?
Thanks in advanced

Hey @Kenmar73 I can not give you the specific answers you seek unfortunately but can very well agree with @Derivious on his points. Coming from the world of Radio Control the stated specs of batteries and the actual specs wildly differ.

The better the brand the better the likelihood of the true specs matching the advertised specs. They have a reputation to uphold. that said, rarely in my opinion do the specs ever exactly match the performance.

Cheap batteries are fine, they are, but they will always be cheap batteries.

“Buy Once, Cry Once”

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Ok thanks
I’ll Have to look around for something else

depends what you’re trying to achieve…the tacticals are an ok battery but more importantly is how you care for the battery…run down voltage, time spent down, storage charge, time spent charged.

personally i have no tacticals…there was a period that i was repairing allot of them for people. turned out to be bodgy b3 chargers killing them.

i have a thing for turnigy nanotech and more recently the BST LiON cells.

I have a similar RC history to many others around here.

if you’re upgrading your blaster and it comes out consuming 10a+ you’ll need a better than the tactical or you’ll need to take really good care of it and have a bunch.

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I have one of those 2000mah ones compared to my ausgel 1500,
The ausgel is just bigger in every aspect and still claims to be 500 less than the unbranded.
I have not tested the ausgel but i’m sure its near or just below 1500mah.
When i got sold the 2000mah i looked at the size and laughed id did not feel ripped off as i knew roughly what it would be by the size. The ausgel is simply way too huge for most of my blasters

The battery you are using is fine, I have some similar, maybe exactly the same, but it’s limitations have to be acknowledged and made peace with.

Thank you @zeHamish for your information I am currently looking for a batteries for a build and have ordered a Turnigy NanoTech 1200ah 3S 25-50c after hearing great reports on the forum.

I am now to have a look see at the BST LiON you speak of, thank you.

ETA: Thanks for everything

ETA: WTF is a BST LiON Cell, I’m drawing Google blanks

Thanks heaps!

@Rattler put me onto these.

Good for very high current draw.

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So am I right I thinking that you join up 2 of these to make a 7.4v

That is correct.

It is prudent to note that they are longer than 18650

You can get these ready made packs and they are good.

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Thank you both for your information & recommendations.

Jungle Tactical.

Has anyone tallied up how many Blaster & Blaster Parts online and/or brick mortar stores there are. I have a list of bookmarks and it’s got to be nearing 25 or so (would check but on diff PC, and no, no sync) I seem to be discovering via research or input another retailer every few days, surely it can’t be an infinite amount.

I will be checking out both of the above Batteries, thank you.

“This is my Blaster. there are many like it, but this one is mine”.

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