Battery suitable for vector?

Just wondering if this battery is quality and if I strapped it to my Vector V2 would it be ok to run?
It’s to large to fit inside the grip

Yes it will be perfectly fine :+1:


There are other ones that will fit in the grip with the extended battery cap. Go for one of them. Will look much better and easier to handle. Get two 1000mah that fit in the grip rather than one 2200mah that stick on the out side. Takes 2 seconds to change a battery.

I ended up just going for this

do you think that this battery would be better than the old one? This is the old one

Those Turnigys have been out of stock for ages. U are lucky to get one. Pretty sure they fit the vector

I use the Turnigys and they fit easy with room to spare, they also work grest in rhe Vector

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Yeah I looked on every hobbyshop and blaster website and all out of stock was lucky enough to find one in AU on eBay. Second last one and it was cheaper than all others. Just hope it’s not a Chinese copy lol

Hobbyking has stock

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