Battery To Motor Wiring

I’m fairly average on the electronics and wiring side of blasters, so any advice is appreciated.

I’m rewiring a Gen 8 from the battery to the motor, fitting XT30 connectors while I’m at it. I have plenty of new wire on rolls, but it’s slightly smaller guage than stock. It’s the same guage as the wire from the battery cells to the connector.

Being in lockdown means no trips to Jaycar for a while. Can I use this wire between the connector and the motor or is there a problem with it being under guage? would have thought that if the smaller guage wire used for the battery was sufficient, should be okay.

dont use thinner wire

Use the wires from an old household extension lead. :grin:


whilst you are considering redoing your harness splurge the 20$ and get an easyFet (or similar)

your motor wires should have bucket loads of amperage space @ 16g, 18g does most non-insane things.

what guage do you have onhand?

note: that your trigger switch, and mag lines can be 22g without any fuss at all with a fet.

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If you have thin wire on hand, there is nothing to stop you doubling the wires, or even trippling them as a temporary measure until you can source fatter wires,

If you need, say a 25cm wire, you can cut 3 lengths, bare the ends and twist them and use the 3 strands as one wire. After all, 3 thin strands go around corners tighter than one fat strand.

I often use the wires out of those 25m extension cords from Bunnings (for $19,95) or of late, I have been usung some silver speaker wire from Supercheap, with the clear insulation.pop



Would definitely recommend.

18g or higher is recommended and it helps to remember that on most batteries the connection from terminal to the onboard circuit board is just a thin strip of metal.

Don’t overlook the insulation.
Batteries also usually use wire that has a rubbery silicone insulation. While feeling softer it has nearly double the heat tolerance of normal PVC insulation.
As has the semi-rigid material in commercial AC cabling.

XT30s are a good idea.

8g ? Are you serious , 8g is enormous!

What onboard circuit board , a typical Lipo we use has no circuit board

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I think you can still go to Jaycar.

The wire that I have lots of in every colour I need is 18g, I believe. But the spool’s untagged so I’m guessing. It’s the same guage as the cell to JST wires, which is why I thought it would be fine.

I ended up staying with the larger 16g wire, both battery wires are black though. No biggie with XT30s, only got to get it right once.

@zeHamish Yep, easyFet’s on the way :+1:
@Cruise Hadn’t thought about the heat effects on silicone vs PVC insulation… might be doing a little more rewiring in the near future.

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I’ve done franken harnesses before out of random coloured wire, same type and weight before

Inline mesh joins and the religious use of heatshrink to ensure you don’t accidentally get polarity wrong or are left wondering wtf yellow, orange or some other…is.

18 will be fine if your batt is 18 unless your motor and such is capable of drawing more then you should go 16 (or suitable) and deal with the battery capacity.

Did you fuse? If not, you should. Completeness of task and smoke stopper


We use these when first plugging in a racing drone and they are perfect for our application on blasters


they’ve come a long way from using an automotive bulb :slight_smile:

decent price too considering what you get


No fuse planned as yet, but I’m trying to make this build super reliable, hence the easyFet, and I’ll definitely be fusing it while I’m at it. @Rattler thanks for that link, will look into that. :+1:

Any recommendations for a small but decent battery charge indicator? One that’ll fit in a Gen 8 M4 receiver?

This is the smallest alarm I know of

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I use the fet for low voltage cut off as battery protection.

I find that once a lipo alarm goes off (sag etm) it continues to do so making you an audible target


@Rattler Cheers for that link, mate. That’s what I’m looking for :+1:

@zeHamish I take your point about making yourself a target :joy: Is there any way to disable the audible alarm and just use the LED indicator?

Stick cotton wool in it lol

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bluetack as well…

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