Battery upgrade

do yous think this would work

Sure will. You got Deans connectors on your blaster already?

What are the advantages of the Deans plugs/connectors?

To handle higher voltage. But i really looked into it as I found the standard pin type plugs get damaged within a month of use.

Too easy too put a deans connector on, im gonna do it, if you say itll works ill mod stuff to fit

That listing is for 2x batteries right? That’s some decent coin for a no name brand battery. You could get 2x Turnigy batteries for that price. What’s it going in?

Yep I agree. Check out hobbyking for battery options.
Buy fron the aus warehouse and u will get them pretty quick if u over east.
I gave up deans connectors a long time ago and only use XT 30 60 90 and 150.
XT 30 for blaster stuff
XT30 60 to 90 for all my planes
XT90 and 150 for cars and boats.
Great plug and easy to solder and pull apart.

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