Battle for Waterloo Skirmish Feild SA

Anyone on here been there?


I am guessing you’re from the Northern Suburbs then, Shitload of a drive to get to Aldinga field, or the one at Hope Forest. We also have Hartley up the freeway towards Murray Bridge. As far as I know, they all get pretty good turnouts and Lotsa old farts too. :rofl: I don’t think anyone is as old as me though :thinking:, not that I have seen.

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Been there a few times, the bloke is a tad rough around the edges but I think that just may be how he converses to people and it’s his way of encouraging you to get to know the community, that and I’m sure he’s just trying to make sure his business runs well and everyone is having a good time. One thing you may be forgetting to consider is he may just be making sure you’re wearing your eyepro through the field, as I’ve seen him go off at a couple people who take off eyepro mid game or walk through the field with no eyepro at all during a break or spawn swap.

I understand not trusting some people but there’s no harm in getting to know the people who you are lobbing gels at, or with. You’ll be surprised how quick you can get stuck in conversation when just talking about gear, I’ve met heaps of people (forget names easy, always remember a face) just by saying “fuck dude, that rig is awesome, what are you running in it?” or even just doing the standard post-game review with teammates.

It’s sad to hear you had a negative experience with Waterloo, but don’t knock it just yet. Get to know the community and even just have a casual chat with the owner every now and then and I’m sure it won’t be as stressful as it has been.

Hope your future experiences are better.

Come down to Aldinga, it’s only an hour south on the freeway from where you’re currently playing.

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