Beast pro any good?

Has anyone dealt with Beast pro got some cool shit up but every time I bring up the company people just pass it off? So what’s the deal people just bias or are they one to avoid?

Love the look of the ump 45 upgraded

I found that happens a lot. Everyone has an opinion but few have an experience.

As for myself, no experience but I do like the look of their inventory.

To be honest I have only ever got some bits and pieces from them, didn’t have a problem. Correct parts were sent no issue’s with delivery, I would buy from them again.

My only real concerns are how are they sent? Says the ump come in a rifle bag. Is that literally what will be delivered a blaster in a bag? And secondly after sales surport

It’ll always be boxed so don’t stress about that.

Good. I’m wondering if I buy an ump or if a mod up a m24?? Seen some impressive m24 fps

The latest batch of gen8 m4 come with nylon box. Wack in a good o ring and some gears and a barrel and u should be sweet

Already got a 9 so looking away for m4 platform

M249 V3 with a gen8 box.
Looks big but really light

I bought a couple small mods but overall wudnt rate it. Reasons being
no.1 his balls are over priced. Compared to other local wholesale (ausgel).
2. Would only suggest those with some knowledge of the blaster their wanting to mods as he’s very good with his words. And sales pitch if. Read his site he could sell ice to the Eskimos its that good. Will give him that credit. But service was averahe, shipping dont bother from cauffs harbour to here in VIC almost 3weeks and it wasnt peakseason. So personally I don’t rate it

Ah what were was this bonus 12mnths ago when I bought my gem8 lol