Beastpro Upgraded Nylon Gearbox

I’d like to buy the parts and do it myself but everytime I search Web stores they never have all the parts. So laziness prevails.

My question is, is this gearbox worth it? Price isn’t too much of an issue, although id prefer to not blow $270 on a lemon, but at the moment I’m more interested in quality.

Any pros or cons, other options or alternatives would be helpful and much appreciated at this point.


If you want good quality then the MK CNC boxes or Retro arms boxes would be the gearbox you want :+1::+1:

That gearbox is a Gen8 bud. If Caboose is running a G8 M4/SCAR/UMP/M249 then MK/Retro Arms boxes won’t fit.
I’ve got a few of those Singularity gearbox cases. Well built, good quality nylon box. They’re obviously not nearly as rigid as the router-cut boxes but for Nylon they’re defs one of the best quality available.
The best part is that the metric screws (M3) clamp the box together with nutserts instead of screwing straight into the nylon.
I’ve seen a V2 singularity (on a website) but haven’t heard from anyone that has one. I’d like to know if they’re built as well as their predecessor.

Yeah was only thinking of a gen9 build :woozy_face:

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@Caboose if that picture and description is indicative of the exact contents of the kit then you’ll need to get a spring retainer as well… despite the fact it states it’s ‘ready to drop in and use’…


Shit. I totally missed the mark on the original question.
As for the quality of the kit as a whole, I really couldn’t tell you properly. The box casing IS good, that much I know.
•Motor - Blue ChiHai. Allegedly has more torque than… um… a motor with less torque? I have heard that they’re relatively decent though
•Piston + head - they look like FB pieces to me. I know one particular forum member isn’t a huge fan of FB but YMMV
•Gears - look like a generic pressed Chinesium set
•Other bits - all look pretty generic as well

To me, it really hinges on how much effort the tech puts into ensuring it runs correctly. I could cram all of those bits into the box in about 5 minutes but it might not even run for half that long once done. If it’s assembled with care it should go for quite a while without issue.
My suggestion would be check all available options before committing. My 2 cents…