Beginner gen 8 advice

Hi all, I’m 2 weeks into this hobby and on the upgrade path already. I’ve got a gen 8 with a nylon gearbox. I’ve got an O ring and got both a 1.2 and 1.3 spring as I’ve read so many conflicting things on which is best with nylon gears. I have an alloy barrel, hop up and 11V lipo on there way, Just wondering in your experienced opinions what would be the best next few upgrades from here?

Hi, welcome… I would use the 1.3 spring with 7.4v and the 1.2 (to begin with) when you try the 11.1v battery… then, if the gears survive a few mags at 11.1v with the 1.2 spring… then try the 1.3 spring.

The gears I have had strip when using 3S in a stock ish blaster, have done so on a trigger pull… my Gen 9 only lasted half a mag and stripped the gears on a start up (I was doing a fair bit of single fire bursts). Knowing what I know now, it is possible the motor was not adjusted properly (needed to be wound up to mesh the pinion and gear 1 better) … so, while you have yours open, perhaps check the pinion mesh/motor height and make sure it is not too loose… :+1:


Welcome to the game, strange things these gel blasters, someone once said you get either a Monday blaster or Friday blaster and can both be gen8, but completely different blasters. We just put an oring 1.28 spring, 11.1v 3s Lipo and alloy barrel in my mates sons gen 8 and it’s still going after a few games. Similar with my ACR! But I shimmed the gears. Next step is to buy your 2 blaster and mod away with 1 while the other is ol’ faithful with stage 1 type basic upgrades.

Cheers guys. Any advice on upgrading to metal gears? Do you need to shim them and bearings, or is it ok to just do the gears?

Also I just broke my first bit while breaking it down to put the new barrel in :frowning: haha

Any time you change gear sets, you have to shim them and set the pinion height etc…:+1:

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Yeah if changing gears you gotta shim them right, but it’s worth the time for the extra $5. Metal gears 1.3 spring or so, 11.1v lipo, oring, barrell, hop up, motor and hardened return spring seems to be the go to for a reliable blaster.


You even have to be careful when separating the gearbox halves that you aren’t even doing anything to gears… that the shims stay where they should be… some of the clear plastic shims in stock blasters can fall out of place (or get left out accidentally) badluck

When I open any box, I always, first thing, look for shims and placement and write it down if it is staying apart for any time… then, I leave the shims on the housing where it should be, rather than on the gear shaft… but that is my choice… you may choose to leave them on the shaft… just so long as you don’t end up with some on the shafts and some on the cases at the bush or bearing…so they don’t get muddled up… dizzy

What do you others do? pop

I will count and record them

Particularly if I’m redoing gearing from scratch

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I usually put a bit of grease on the shim and put all shims on the gears. The grease holds it in place.


I picked up 2 Wells m4s today at a bargain price, so my gen8 may not go any further then it has upgrade wise haha. These m4s seem like a pretty quality build in comparison

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Anyone know which gearbox parts, if any, are interchangeable between the wells m4 and the gen 8?