Beretta GBB Green Gas Pre-orders

Hey guys :cowboy_hat_face: has anyone got much info on the Beretta green gas pistols? I’ve pre-ordered one from prestige blasters with a spare mag and a few bottles of gas. Ordered through prestige blasters based entirely on price as I’m fairly certain it’s the same model as ones advertised on other sites. Does anyone have any experience with prestige blasters? Been waiting a while now :expressionless: but I’ve noticed most places seem to have already sold out all their pre-orders.

The whole preorder thing is a bit of a mess now. With I don’t think a single supplier not having some sort of issue in some way. Until it turns up. If it even turns up when they say it does (read the command elite issue with their most recent preorders and scam) there’s really not much you can do. I haven’t seen or heard anything about that specific blow back though.

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They are the same ones CEH are getting so will be delayed for who knows how long. They seem to be a reseller of all the CEH stuff and latest Facebook post from them says stuff will be shipped from their “Brisbane warehouse” which I’m assuming just means they will be getting CEH to ship stuff direct rather than via him in Victoria from now on.

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End of August for shipments to hit Aust I think.