Beretta M90Two hop ups

Anyone know much about the DK hop up for the Beretta M90Two?

Anyone on here running one? I just picked up the Beretta and while it’s good, it performs like, you know, a pistol :joy: any other suggested mods to get this little thing hammering a bit better would be appreciated.

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So by both springs I guess you mean plunger and slide return springs? Seems like the third config gives the best result. I’m guessing higher FPS with that short barrel sprays the gels around a bit.

Any comments on that hop up, Cruise? Notice much increase in accuracy with it? I’m not really after distance, it’s a pistol after all. But I figure top spin might make it a little more predictable.

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Have tested 2. It’s point and shoot accurate at 10-12m with milkies and glow gels. Have not tested further.

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Yeah the dk hopup makes a noticeable difference .
The problem im having is ive screwed it on and off a few times and now it see-saws on the two grub screws ,which changes the angle of hopup .
Im going to drill a hole from the top and a hole at the bottom in the thinner part so it has 4 points of contact

The hsg one is very similar, definitely flattens out the trajectory. I’ll be running it at hardcore blasters tonight, so I’ll update later with a battlefield assessment

I drilled holes from the top and bottom of the hopup to add more grub screws. Works a bit better now but i wouldnt recommend drilling into that 3d print shit , its like drilling butter.

Gonna get the metal barrel and new hopup and start again , only place ive seen the barrels is zhenduo and with corono could be a wait involved

They’re under $10 from ali.
They are easy to drill but strong enough to hold a grub screw as it bites into the barrel.
The fit is usually tight and fortunately I’ve fitted a few without the problems you’re experiencing despite repeated removal and refitting.
Press hard against the stock and barrel to ensure it is flush the first time it is tightened as the grub screws tend to shift toward any existing mark/depression.

Actually i just reread the other thread and wont be going the metal barrel.

Im thinking of using glue to fill any depressions on the barrel tip and start again.

I think the problem i have is screwing it against the slide with no gap , letting off a shot and the slide pushes the hopup forward 1mm. This creates a little path allowing hopup back and forward movement.
So really need to tighten mine 1mm away with a gap or use a spacer/absorber.

Doesn’t drilling location holes into the barrel makt it locked into one place.

Every hop up I’ve used needs to be tweaked and rotated to tune it’s accuracy. :thinking:

Haven’t had that problem. Slide should not be able to reach the hop up. I’d be interested to know how you go.

Have tried HSG and over barrel hop-up with the metal barrel. (Tapped a thread in the overbarrel hop-up to fit metal barrel)

Over barrel hop-up (which works great on MP7 with metal barrel) was more difficult to get shooting straight and was easy to knock out of adjustment, particularly if you use a holster

Reverted back to HSG, although gels still want to fly in a shallow right hand arc at 12m

Ended up filling in all holes with metal putty and redrilled the 2 side holes and 1 from the top down and threaded grubs and put a longer hex screw countersunk in.
So much better now stays where it needs to.
Id keep it on but when i take off the torch i like to put the cap back underneath and wont slide on with a hopup attached.

Really dont like the look of the hsg ones

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