Beretta M92 not feeding :(

Just bought a beretta m92 and it’s not feeding. At all. The button to switch semi to auto works just not when u hold it to prime. Got any ideas why this is happening? Oof

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busted mosfet board

20$ from ebay to replace

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Maybe not if its still dry firing from semi to auto.
No noise from priming makes me think maybe mag motor issue? One of my mags sounds like its about to give up.

Can you drop some into the tpce maybe have to upside down etc to see if it atleast can spit out a gel?

The berreta does have major circuit cooking issues sadly, my local store has 22 of them all with cooked chips, its a tiny chip for 14.4v. It could also be a damaged gear, but most likely is the board just by sheer numbers that is happens on

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Testing the mag motor directly is a good idea

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also you mentioned just bought it, most shops have at least a 30 day warranty on it, could return it and get it replaced still


Could also be mag circuit, contacts or spring.

Good authentic-looking blaster, fragile electronics.
Could have ditched the board and slipped in another 3.7v to make it an 11.1v.

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