Best ammo for 7.0mm barrel "JY AWM"

hey guys, Im starting to build my own gel blaster sniper, and found that the best platform to work on is the JY AWM its by far the most moddable and highest quality out there so far…

I want opinions on ammo that can match its 7.0mm stock tight bore barrel as I have accuracy and feeding issues with fully grown milkies, I’ve control growthed the milkies for 2 hours and just under 2 hours and had great results but they dont last very long, so Im down for some suggestions, :slight_smile: cheers

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I would honestly just change the barrel to a SS 7.2mm or a 7.3mm and be done, I have seen that the cheap bulk buy gels work really well but they are soft and don’t really pack a punch.


WI Red and WI Milkies

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there is a guy on ebay that sells his own brand,
this is his claim for his whites:

6.88. 6.92 6.97. 6.97
6.96. 6.99. 6.88. 6.99
7.04. 6.80. 7.01. 6.93
6.91. 6.90. 6.66. 6.89

as of how reliable this is, i have absolutely no idea :sweat_smile:

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yea I saw those, but he’s sold out :frowning:

I have used some of the reaper range in the past, not those specific you link to.

They were ok. There are better gels.

You could go with a 7.3mm bl or similar and run many of the better gels available instead of waiting on a niche gel.

I’ve found gold pack milkies work well but est to let them drink a bit before use or under cook them. I’m looking at a bigger barrel just not easy to find in a 55cm length. (Unless you want to go for the ausgel 550x7.5x9.5 barrel.)

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I read Bruisemaster does custom barrels, perhaps that’s an option?

Yeah I saw that but not cheap

That is a big spread in sizes.

Been doing some research on this.
The Ausgel 550mm x 7.5mm x 9.5mm is the closest, or a Copper alloy bruise master, custom length around $80 . You could probably just grind down the end .5mm to fit the tpiece.

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I have JY AWM and shooting OVER 500fps
I have done few mods to get this FPS.
The inner barrel I’m using is 6.7mm and shoot 7mm Alpha Kings through it. I grow these gels for 4hrs and having the least amount of trouble with these gel compared to any others.
I’m shooting about 40m with accuracy.
I suggest using the alpha kings and playing around with the growth time.