Best base blaster for cqb build

Hi I’m looking to buy/build a cqb rig and was looking to see what is recommended as far as the base blaster goes.
I was looking at an SLR.


Performance wise 280fps and high rof with some reliability in there thinking 12:1. I guess part of the decision with the choice in base blaster will be its compatibility with after market parts and how it holds up to abuse.

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my SLR is by far my favourite CQB and there really isn’t anything special about it

its “known”

its “known”? i’m assuming its known as the cqb blaster of choice?

nah…it has a fairly distinct sound to it and people shy away from being on the other side when i take it on field

I love my vector as my CQB blaster. It’s pretty quiet and people don’t seem to pay any attention to vectors as “threats” until I hit them. Then they know

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i have to second this

they make decent mid range DMRs too

my cqb vector is anything but quiet though

I third that , with an o ring , 1.25mm spring ,3s lipo and a good hop up the Vector is a very reliable and accurate blaster.


I have a vector

Not exactly cqb with a 35cm barrel…


What’s that handguard on there? Looks awesome

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While it’s cool to say I have a 40rps monster, I don’t care how fast you can run no one is going to outrun 20rps in cqb :zipper_mouth_face:

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I know you can work it out with maths… but 20 rps is equivalent to 16:1?

Nadda 3d prints on Facebook will sort you out. Laylax strike

The rof is a combination of motor speed and torque, gear ratio, spring size and also number of cells in your Lipo.


What exactly does slr mean in the world of gelball, I’ve seen it used often and I can’t quite figure out what it is exactly

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In firearm world is a specific family of self loading rifle actions

In gel soft it’s a visual style

Between manufacturers, the externals may look really similar, be almost identical but internally in the boxes, you’re likely to find a wide range of standards.

My JJ SLR nozzle and t piece for instance is unlikely to be compatible with the std SLR

But my JJ SLR handguard is likely a direct a swap for the std SLR handguard

SLR in real terms means ‘Self Loading Rifle’ 205qlh4 :+1:


Well I’ll be !
I though it was Single Lens Reflex , I read that somewhere and they were talking about shooting :rofl:

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clever ya wally…and correct too…

if you’re talking cameras


In the interest of accuracy :+1:

SLR : This is an acronym for “Self Loading Rifle”. The term “SLR” is usually used in commonwealth countries. This has some common features with the assault rifle described above. Like the assault rifle, this is also a weapon that has a rifled barrel and is designed to be fired from the shoulder. It also uses an intermediate powered cartridge and has a detachable magazine like the assault rifle concept. The one key difference between assault rifles and SLRs is that SLRs have only one firing mode , the “semi-automatic mode”. This means that each time the user pulls the trigger, the weapon will fire only one cartridge. It will automatically eject the fired cartridge, load the next cartridge and prepare the weapon to fire, but the user has to let go of the trigger and then pull it again to fire the next cartridge. This is unlike an assault rifle, which has multiple firing modes and allows the user to switch between them. Examples of SLRs would be weapons like the American AR-15 and the Indian Ishapore 1A1 SLR. The AR-15 is a semi-automatic version of the M16 rifle and the 1A1 is a semi-automatic version of the Belgian FN FAL assault rifle.


Only one real SLR and thats the L1A1, build right here in Australia.

l first met it in 1983 and we had a very close relationship until about 1991 until it’s replacement.