Best batteries?

looking to buy extra 11.1v batteries for my alpha king AK, apparently this ak has a tamiya plug so the battery i buy should have that plug (or get a connector of some sort). Question is, is there a particular brand or spec detail i should be looking for to get the best longest lasting battery? I’m seeing all kinds of 1200mah, 1800mah, 2100mah, etc. Is higher the better? Can anyone provide links to reputable options?

also, when looking at hobbyking batteries, filtering by the dimensions i can fit into the top handguard, the largest mah i can find is this 1000mah,■■■■■■■-pack.html
however on Zhenduo i can find this 2000mah in the same dimensions,
is it safe to trust that i am actually getting 2000mah?

Essentially the battery packers don’t understand how to rate the batteries, so the numerical rating is often wrong for 2S and 3S batteries.

As to which brands? I haven’t had a problem with BosLipo, but I’ve only used that brand so …

I would be all but certain the 2000mah battery will not actually be 2000mah if it’s the same physical size as a 1000mah or 1200mah battery. Turnigy batteries seem to be the go to brand but can be hard to find as they sell out fast! I use the BosLipo batteries which I find to be good too. If you search on here you will find a few threads with plenty of info.


The Chinese tend to write anything on batteries if it will help sell them… often they will use peak mAh or C rate… because they are higher than the continuous ratingslie%20emo to make buyers think that is what the battery can run all day at…

Usually the weight and physical size of any battery is a good guide as to how much electrickery a battery is likely to be able to hold


Would this work?

Would work if you dont mind carrying half a kilo of battery with you


If money’s no object get some medical grade batteries, something from draeger or welch allyn :+1:

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Great idea… then us old guys can have a jumper lead from the blaster battery to our pace makers so we can run faster like laughing (1)


Honestly every public space should have a defib 2200VDC on hand :fire:


Yeah, then we can recharge our blasters and phones off of them (or jump start the car) :grin:

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Checked those out earlier @spectre720 jeez those AS Turnigy are expensive with the post but only place I’ve seen them available to us. The best tool for the job on an AR style for sure.

Atm I measure up my battery space and buy one to suit, usually Turnigy Nanotech of some sort with high discharge rate and soldering in my standard XT-60 if I have to, usually they come with XT-60. That suits me as all my RC toys are XT-60. Simplicity for me.

Some might find XT-30 better as they have the amperage for sure and are smaller. I’ve gone standard XT-60 on everything for several years now and I flow that onto my Gel Blasters for simplicity.

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those 18650 batteries are good value

they do look good, high discharge rating too. You tried them @spectre720 ?

i have a friend who uses them. the fill the whole buffer tube though