Best experience ever on AliExpress. Handguards

Everyone has mixed results with stores on AliExpress. Most of them just ship stuff and if you are lucky it matches the description.

Recently I needed a handguard for a build I’m doing, it had to be a specific shape and COLOUR.

I could only find it in black or tan. I sent messages to a bunch of suppliers asking if they could get it in blue. Most didn’t reply, a few did reply “black only”.
One replied and said that they would get one anodized for me, it will take a week.
A week later they messaged me and said sorry, a few more days, it isn’t ready yet. Then the next day, they messaged and said it was ready.

They didn’t charge me extra, and didn’t ask for me to pay up front.

Not only that, when I ordered the handguard, I ordered a couple of rails to mount on it. I had to order key-mod ones as you can’t get blue m-lok ones. They messaged me and said "Do you know those rails are not compatible with the handguard? "
Amazing! The first time a shop on AliExpress actually checked on an order before sending!
I told them it’s ok, I was going to modify the key-mod to m-lok as there is no other option.
They replied with “ok, we will throw a few m-lok nuts in with your order”

How good is that!!! Not only do they know what they are selling, they know what’s needed to modify it!


They are: Aplus Tactical Accessories Store

(disclaimer - I’m not affiliated with them and getting no kickbacks etc. Just really bloody impressed!)

I believe in looking after those that look after you so if you need a handguard or other accessories, check them out. :grin:


Mate I 100% agree that those who work hard and help their customers deserve to be recognized. This is a great experience story, I will be adding that store to my favourites!

Thanks @Arty_Marty for letting us know, sounds like a quality shop for sure. I’ve added them to my list of suppliers, as I buy the majority of my gel blaster stuff off AliExpress.
I’m not too surprised they could get it done for you considering their normal colour range on some of their handguards :grin:.
Love the colour you got though, can’t wait to see the finished build.

Bookmarked the link for later drooling/spending. And here I was sceptical of ali

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