Best gels for a 7.5mm barrel

Hey guys new here,
Just purchased a new 7.5mm barrel today for my gen 9 and shot green armour techs through it and they seemed to be dropping as soon as they came out or not coming out at all, is this due to the gels or have I not put It in properly? It was only a cheap 20 dollar barrel off eBay.

Welcome! Some gurus will chime in later. Is your tappet return spring all good? T piece sealed off to the new barrel? Nozzle seals up? Air leak or return spring best guess.

The barrel came sealed already and looks to be a pretty decent job, I am unsure about the return spring but with the stock barrel it works great, I was told a alloy 7.5 would be better but since I have used it, it has just been shooting up to 5m or just falling out the end of the barrel with no power.

Could be a few things, the main cause of your problem may be the tappet return spring failure exactly as you describe. That would have to be removed for barrel replacement.
Or…With gels barely making out of the barrel you have a real bad air leak or that small spring forward of your trigger is no good. @Rattler what’s your thoughts :innocent:

Did you glue or tape your new barrel to the T-piece. It must be air tight.

It sounds like an air leak to me, between the nozzle and t piece.
Maybe the new parts are not aligned correctly or the nozzle rubber is damaged.
Have you tried putting the old barrel and t piece back on ?
The return spring would have to be broken for things to be that bad.

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Only thing that would make it do that

I moved the new barrel around a bit and pushed it in and now it works fine, it must of been sitting a little loose and had an air leak, thanks for the help and suggestions