Best green gas for golden eagle (was thinking abbeys ultra the one in red can)

Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated, thanks Max

That’s what I use but if you want maximum fps you could use Abbey brut sniper gas :grin:

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Yeah I’ll keep the rifle gas to the day when a gas aug a3 or Thompson comes out meanwhile for these pistols I think I’ll use abbeys red can gas because the green is a bit to light and these pistols are metal

This is my first gbb btw my parents finally allowed me to get one so I’m new to gbb

Actually I will be using propane when I run out of the Abbey Ultra, much cheaper and good performance.

This is the adaptor I have


My parents will give me a old fashioned Aussie booting if they see that I’ve bought straight propane, plus abbeys is less maintenance and tuning, it’s my first gbb so I don’t want to go to hard core with propane

Abbey Ultra is basically propane, it just has the oil in it already, if you use propane you just add oil at the adaptor so it works out the same and way cheaper and easy to buy from Bunnings etc :+1:


I’m kinda tempted to get the sniper gas. But I would have to odder it in.

Yeah just easier for me though, I’m happy to pay a little extra for a product that I know is going to be a bit easier to use and not going to become to much of a problem in the future

thoughts on this stuff?

That’s what that stuff does for mine.

Only other stuff I have here is 6 month old

I find it’s a little more consistent.

Tbh I’m fine with 250 fps. It’s a sidearm afterall.

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Yeah I was getting around 250-260 with some couple month old AKAs this arvo, but now my stock mag is just shredding them (possibly due to me trying to sand down the mag lips with too rough sandpaper oops), while the Double Bell one is fine but doesn’t lock the slide back


Has anyone chronod abbeys ultra gas

This is a 5.1 model (3339) on Ultra


Those numbers are sweet as :+1:

I’m assuming all the pistols with be the same performance

Only variance should be barrel length. The 4.3 will be a little lower FPS

I need me some ultra gas. Holy sheet

Yeah a 20 FPS or so drop from 300 doesn’t bug me

So this is the CEH/vipertac green gas (pic I posted above). This is out of a double bell 2011 magazine though.