Best green gas for golden eagle (was thinking abbeys ultra the one in red can)

Lol I mean the Abbey gas is $30 for 300g so $9 for 450g is pretty bloody cheap :+1:
Thats .02 cents per gram compared to .10 cents per gram

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That is interesting…

A green gas double stack mag costs about $1.60 to fill if using Abbey Ultra gas.

A Co2 mag costs about $1.50 per bulb if you buy in bulk.

Using Bunnings Propane it costs .33c to fill a mag


Boom thank you

One of Danny’s vids he mentions the yellow “MAPP replacement” gas doesn’t have as much of a smell and I think performs a little better too. They are 15-16 a bottle so still cheaper than the green gas.

Wil grab one when I get a chance and compare results.

The smell that is in LPG /propane is an additive to make it smell for safety.
The actual gas has no smell. That’s why they add a chemical (I think it’s mercaptan or something like that) to make it smell so you know if you are about to get asphyxiated or exploded :rofl:

The smell won’t kill you, but the lack of it might. I’d rather have the smell. If it smells less, it just has less mercaptan in it. You’re still breathing in the same amount of gas :nauseated_face:


I just bought a can, its definately an acquired taste

My wife calls it asshole in a can :rofl:


Anyone one know approx how long it takes for gas to arrive in to vic, I’m not sure if the land post they use is quicker or slower

probably about a week

So just like normal post

Yeah, gas cant be sent by air

Yeah is auspost standard only land and auspost express air

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