Best green gas for golden eagle?

Confirmed. If the below fps is the green can. Then on the smaller ones you’ll only get around 250

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yeah, similar to what i just saw testing mine with green can. 5.1 hi-capa was 270-280 with some old armourtech ultras. 4.3 1911 was 235-240.

will make up some fresh x-force blacks and cut down some stainless barrels for them over the weekend and see how they perform.

thanks Rattler. Ordered. :grin:

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They work really well, I’ve been buying the gas from Bunnings $9.00 couple of drops of the oil in the top of the bottle before you screw the adaptor on.

It’s a little bit stinky but cheap and good :+1:


I was just looking at that particular bottle on Bunnings website :slight_smile:
how is it fps wise? Roughly the same as ultra?

Mmm didn’t check, but if feels at least the same or more 🤷

I’ll check tomorrow


Red can would most likely be a extra 20 FPS

It looks like the propane is faster, I was averaging 280 on Ultra and 310 on Bunnings propane :grin:


Propane is a good option for those who can handle its quirks, I personally prefer ultra gas as its designed for air soft/ gel ball products so it’s a bit cleaner and more built for it

Green gas is just propane with silicone oil added so if anything propane is going to be cleaner as you can control how much or little oil you put in


I’m actually starting to find the oil that’s in their gas isn’t mixing well with the silicon oil I use to oil my blaster. It’s making it a little tacky/sticky.

What oil are you using Rattler?

Ordered an adaptor before everyone else does lol.
Great info, Thanks :+1:

I’m using the oil that came with the adaptor, plus I bought a few extra bottles.
The oil is very thin like water


And now, out of stock :rofl:


Lucky for me. Had a feeling they’d sell out fast. Took me 3 attempts to remember the CC number as well
Panic buying lol.

They should give you a sales commission :grin:

Bunnings is a 5 minute walk for me. Thanks again :+1:

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very nice! :grin: :+1:

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GBA sells the adaptor too but more expensive :thinking:


Rpm has for same as pistol pavilion.

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The plastic ones are a little better for your inlet valves over time.

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