Best M4 Mags to suit Gen 8 / SLR / Custom V2 builds

Hey Guys,

Looking at upgrading and buying a heap of mags and was wondering what mags people reckon are the best?

Gen 8 / SLR style to suit my array of M4 blasters.

I personally like the Jing Ji SLR style but was wondering if there is anything better in terms of build quality, feeding etc

Personally I like the old Gen8 mags the best, the gearing was different so they run better with high rpm builds. Not sure if the newer ones are the same.

Build quality is fairly ordinary, but they’re easy to load and work in all my blasters.

I’ve been partial to the acr j10 mags. Touch of glue on the window and I think they hold a few more gels than average.

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+1 for j10 mags best thing I did for my slr comp blaster more gels than standard slr mags


The pts epm gel mags look cool, idk about compatibility.

They do fit gen 9’s so most likely SLR as well.

I have both a SLR CQB and also a Retroarms Receiver V2 build which I hunted down the best quality Windowless PMAG style Mags I could for it, I hope. I have a half dozen different Mags for the SLR, PMAG 20’s and 30’s, Tracers, and others but wanted for my true to life M4 build a really decent heavy duty Mag and after some research, questions, deliberation, and some back and forth settled on the WarInterest PMAGs and so far couldn’t be happier. Although they fit into the Magwell of the R/A Receiver they don’t drop free, something some filing, sanding and painting will fix.

Looking forward to others options but I believe you would be hard pressed to find a more solid nylon constructed original PMAG style Magazine, we’ll see.