Best motor for a vector

Hi all just looking for advice for my vector build motor wise. Looking at the black vs purple Chihai. Is the purple worth the extra $$ looking at a reliable 300 fps and good ROF.

Other mods are SHS 18:1 metal ladder 100% cylinder 35cm barrel o ring. spring is also up for changing I have a 1.25 in there at the moment but maybe 1.4 to get that 300 fps.


My opinion is the purple motor is a battery hog and the stock wiring will barely handle it with a 1.4 spring.
The stock Vector motor is a pretty decent motor on 3s Lipo even with a 1.4 spring.
I am using a 1.25 unequal spring, stock gears and a good barrel and get very close to 300fps .
I personally think a 1.4 spring is asking for trouble because the Vector only has small 6mm bearings/Bushes.

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Tyvm. Yeah i heard the 6mm bearings are a weak point when i asked in a couple of shops about 13:1 Gears. I won’t waste the money on a purple then.

The other issue you will have by using upgraded motors and a 1.4 spring is the mosfet in the Vector will most probably fail.
So if you plan to do those upgrades I suggest you look at a better mosfet

Yep definately getting an easyfet. Not too worried about losing the fire modes.