Best quality receiver for V2

Hi, all. Need to buy something to put my MK V2 box into, and don’t know what’s hit and what’s shit. MK say that it will fit into:

  • SLR
  • X-Power (BD556, Maopul)
  • TTM
  • Warinterest (LDT)
  • Hawkex

Just want to know what people think of the SLR and the Maopul receivers (or the others), and what the quality is like? You don’t really know what’s what from websites. Sometimes you’re lucky to get any info at all. Not interested in the Hawkex receivers. Seen a few on eBay, and not my cup of tea.

SLR and Maopul are both great

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SLR will need a spot of work, maybe

Turns out there are different versions of the JJ SLR receiver

I was not amused.

See, that’s the thing: I’m getting annoyed waiting for things to turn up… then finding out that I need to buy something else, 'cause what I just got don’t fit/work. Also, most of my (useful) tools are at home, well over 4,000kms away. I used a gas stove top to heat a non-working soldering iron tip the other day, to fix my mag connectors. It was a real delight to work on.

I think I’ll stay away from the SLR, then.

Home in 11 weeks!

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I do rate the JJ SLR as a decent budget receiver

I have two that are identical and the third is marginally different but enough I had to work on it for 15mins.

Not sure if the halves are interchangeable which is something I am likely to do but…meh.

For the cost, it’s still worth considering

It’s funny - so far…

$220 Gearbox
$79 Gears
$39 Double-grooved bushings (got them cheaper, though)
$$$ on pistons, cylinders, etc that don’t work to my liking, so need to buy more

… then trying to find a cheap-ass receiver to put it all in😂

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I love the SLR receiver

Don’t mind the wells nylon one, just a shame about the t piece set up and the hand guard set up.
Having easy access to the spring is such a time saver though.

Thats why I was looking at the foldable Adapter recently

I could dremel out the rear of the buffer tube / receiver for easy spring access

Turns out I don’t swap my springs all that often anyway

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Hey mate,
I have a Xpower BD556 nylon receiver currently running a gen9 box but it will fit a V2. It’s top quality and came with all the extra X power metal parts like ambi charging handle and metal mag release. Only problem you get this bag of parts with no instructions, It is totally dis assembled.
I recommend this
I am using this metal receiver in my custom M4 housing an APS box. It is fully assembled and designed for V2’s. It takes all gen9 hand guards and but stocks with no mods. So easy. :+1:

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If I were to order that, what do you think my chances are of it actually getting delivered? I know it will get shipped, very reputable company, have purchased a few things from them. You know what I’m asking… How long ago did you get yours? Was it recently?

I have ordered so many parts from them and this one even has gel blaster printed on the receiver, not like the M4 version I ordered. This is the same receiver Hawkex is selling for heaps cheaper and not sold out.
I ordered probably 6 months ago and have since ordered that suppressor you liked from them a couple of weeks ago.