Best retailer currently selling the Golden Eagle GBB's?

I just got back from Command Elite Hobbies down at Salisbury, picked up my new Golden Eagle G3335. I have read the other threads related to the Golden Eagles and had seen that they really need a service before use. Mentioned this to the guy before paying for it and he straight away offered to go and get a tech to service it. It came back feeling so much smoother after about a 10 -15 minute wait/look around the shop… Could have spent another 40 minutes looking to be honest…

I thought I would create a thread for the best physical stores around that you can pick up the Golden Eagle’s and get a decent warranty along with your product. CEH have every single Golden Eagle available apparently and they said they are selling them at the same price as Ihobby is retailing them for.

What other stores have everyone been to and received good service and prices for these?

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Ihobby with the forum 8% discount.

Cheap bottle of silicone oil for servicing.

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Do some price comparisons before you order - seems like ihobby can and will remove the discounted price on the GE stuff on their site.

Yeah just saw the post from BBC about ihobby price increase. Depending on model you might get better deal from viper Tac, prestige blasters, CEH or global tactical solutions (haven’t bought from them)

I got mine from Vipertac, excellent service. Got to test fire a couple different models and then when I chose mine the guy pulled it apart and oiled it for me then I got to test fire the exact one I was getting. Definitely recommend.

I was literally just starting to get excited about ihobby. Good product, prompt dispatch and very competitive pricing…but this pricing methodology now has me asking alot of questions.

I used raptors code to get 10% off :sweat_smile:


Didn’t know that was still working

I’m beginning to think it will never stop working :smiley:

It’s almost as if it’s 2 steps forward and 1 step back every fricking time.

whats the issue with ihobby?
is it because they keep altering there prices constantly?

Nah they adjusted their price for the 1911 back to presale price after it’s gotten a wider release.

I just prefer physical stores that are able to fix issues for me if I have any. Easier to communicate with usually too.

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Definitely recommend vipertac in that case


Is their tech work very good? Never even heard about their tech work to be honest :man_shrugging:

I got mine from ceh hobbies Toowoomba. I will say though I go only because the staff there are superb. If you ask them they will also give it an oil as well.

With mine they literally let me strip it down. Check it out and test it before I left the shop


Honestly neither have I, but their service when I got the golden eagle was great

If you get a guy called Alistair doing your tech stuff at viper you should be in good hands. He did some stuff for me early in the day and was quite happy with his work.

Ihobby jacked the price of the Well G17 up gradually as it got lower in stock, so was eventually something like $50 more just before sold out, real cash grabber.


I don’t have one,… Yet. But GBU have them, and I’m happy with their service so far.