Best retailer currently selling the Golden Eagle GBB's?

Only they are like over $100 more expensive than CEH on some products… and that’s with GBU having them at 10%+ off too…

That’s a big no thanks from me… Absolute rip off…

Just noticed TEH had another revision to their website (again), new lingo for the Gold and Platinum stuff and a subcategory for Golden Eagle GBBs - nothing listed though.

Yeah, I almost bought a CYMA M4 SS there, then found them at ihobby for $60.00 less. And free express shipping.
But, they are another option, they’ll sell theirs if Aus stock gets low.
They seem to be selling like hot cakes atm, just fell victim to the hype myself. I got the 4.3 :grin: From ihobby

I like GBU, if they were closer in price, not cheaper, just closer, I would have bought from them.
I wouldn’t be at all happy with ihobby if I was an Aust retailer. Never seen this before in any other hobby, the retailers wouldn’t cop it.

If CEH can afford to sell them at the same price as Ihobby, I’m sure other retailers can… Just seems like a whole lot of people jumping on a bandwagon of hate if you ask me.

Fair call mate :+1:. Can’t argue with that.

I’ve made 3 orders from Ihobby over the past week. Just very different way of operating for me. Good for us. No doubt.
Think I’ve ordered from 5 business’s now. I’m trying to share the love lol

I’ve been happy with all the service I’ve received so far. Couple shops have gone above, and beyond for me. X-Force and GBU.
The super fast service from ihobby, has been great.

With so many noobs getting into the hobby ATM. Business reputation is a big deal. First impressions are important.
Good, competent, service means more to me than lower prices.

I personally didn’t like the price increase from ihobby two days after releasing the product and I had various reasons as to why I felt that way and I shared them directly with ihobby. I felt like they listened to what I had to say, even if they didn’t change anything - which wasn’t the expectation anyway. On balance though, I was very happy with the turnaround time from iHobby and their overall pricing across their entire range is very good (if a little hard to understand at times). Would I shop again at iHobby? Absolutely - they still have good prices and excellent dispatch services. Do I consider them to be a disruptor in the industry that is going to shake things up to the benefit of consumers? Maybe, maybe not. I am still undecided on that one but I certainly see potential there. When I see staff from an assortment of majors retailers all high-fiving and posing for photos together - it says clearly to me that we are not in a buyer’s market yet. Anyone who turns up and wants to smash prices is welcome in my books.


Think of it this way too. It’s been publicly stated that they wholesale from ihobby for about 250 each (at least with what the complainers have said). So $70 per unit profit. Doesn’t seem like a whole lot. But a lot are being sold. This one though I think would be a little closer to a balance of quality vs quantity

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Dirt bike shops don’t make jack shit coin on the bikes, all the money is made in the workshop and on after market parts.
I’d be happy with a $70.00 profit, assuming the customer returns for parts etc.
IMO, the blaster is the same as the bikes. A carrot.

Rattler just spent as much on parts, as he did the GE blaster. Not at the same shop. One example though. He’s only had it a week.
Was just making a point. Love Rattler’s work! Not hating.

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That’s the current issue. There are no parts for it except through 3rd party retailers. So they’re not making any profit in that dept.

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Do the ceh ones come with green gas mag

You’d have to go and ask. I know the tbar shop is out of green gas though

I mean for online in the Vietnam ones listing it looks like green gas

They haven’t included that but in the descriptions on the website. Ihobby, Sting ops tactical, prestiege, viper Tac do have the full descriptions including which mag is included.

Viper for example has the Vietnam one with green gas where ihobby had it with co2

Read for your self I’m confused pics show green gas mag though

Also has anyone tried gladiator gels are they as good as aks

Yep, like I said, they don’t list the last bit of the description like the other vendors where it includes contents e.g

  • 1 x GM1911 G3305 Gas-Powered Metal Gel Blaster
  • 1 x C02 Magazine
  • 1 x 2000 Pack of Gels
  • 1 x Carry Case

But you’re right that pic Is the green gas mag. Probably safest to confirm with them.

Yep messaged em on Insta for some help

Did you hear back from them?

I just received my Vietnam era GEL3305. Got it from Viper tac. Speedy delivery. Confirmed green gas mag. Still looking it over, about to service it.


Not yet messaged them during non work hours so waiting for them to open

Looks sweet and servicing these bad boys is easy pop the slide off lube it up and good to go

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