BF Mac 10 problem

Be interested in the gearbox if/when they become available. Plenty of other uses including the old MAC10. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the great pic.
First body mods I would make

  • Trigger, more finger space, no play
  • Switch, more battery space
  • Trigger guard, more grip

Another option would be to place the trigger behind the pivot pin, use a small microswitch and have a MOSFET either under the gearbox or in the void in the rear of the grip.

I got one yesterday it works really well with aka gels but dose the same as your with cheap gels .

That’s awesome Dude, my bad for the late reply too. Hell! When I have the cash I’d consider paying you to do those upgrades.

Oh yeah? I’ll have to pick some up then.

I’ll have to do a test and video it with mag motors.

No worries.
As you may have seen, moving the trigger and switch was easier than I thought.
Definitely recommend it.

Wow! Very much out of my skill zone unfortunately, I had trouble just pulling it apart and reassembling the Mac 10 (I often get weird headaches looking at mechanical parts etc.)

LOL. Fair enough. It’s not for everyone.
Keep at it though.
You could surprise yourself.

Hey Mate with the AKA Gels, which exact ones have you used in your Mac-10?

The black packet ones

Thanks Mate got some today.

Unfortunately they didn’t work good.

Yep I got those

Works well in it.

Unfortunately not for me, I might try a different mag when I back to my place otherwise I’ll be selling it

Open the mag and look inside.
I found that the mag shreds gels unless they’re hard and debris builds up very quickly inside stopping smooth feeding of any other gel you try.
I just posted a pic of this on my BF MAC thread.

I did that too, even then there’s crushed AKA gells inside the mag

Try getting rid of these sharp edges while you’re tinkering.