BF MAC10 (MAC11) Dive in and Mods

New BF MAC10


  • Scale closer to 1:1. You won’t need yeti hands
  • Retractable stock
  • Precharge
  • Solid construction
  • Metal barrel, stabilised
  • Front sling mount
  • Custom nylon gearbox with metal cylinder, bushes, 370 motor, tappet with external spring? could allow more tweaking
  • High RPS
  • FPS may be high for compact AEG

Early dislikes:

  • Tiny trigger
  • Battery access difficult
  • Small mag
  • Fake thread on fake outer barrel
  • Grip wide and off-center

At last a gearbox that could fit Deckard’s LAPD 2049 pistol.

Available in black or pink. Does it offer enough to be nearly double the price of a MAC10?
Is it worth $190?

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Looks cheap. But could be fun

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It is a new design shell and a new gearbox that is not just all nylon.
The barrel is metal, the metal cylinder suggests a separate cylinder head which is a first for an AEG gearbox this size. Bushes are also unheard of in this scale.
The long, external return spring means it won’t blow apart when opened.


Should go well with my Pink P90 :smiley_cat:


That will complement my . Barbie collection pistols


You go, girlfriend. :rofl::rofl:


Uploading: 20201208_165944-1.jpg…Got bored and decided to go with the traditional.‘BLACK MAC’ slightly heavier and larger than a Quarter Pounder,lol. I’m going to be using it as a replacement side arm instead of the Barretta or Glock for CQB. The mag holds around 60+ gels but fires around 22 rps. Thats 3 seconds and its time to change mags. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this barrel. I’ve fitted a 19mm outer barrel over the end of the Mac 10 so I can fit the muzzle brake/suppressor with grub screws because the outer barrel on the Mac 10 doesn’t have a thread that allows suppressors to be screwed on. A bit stupid really.


Thanks mate. The pics are great and tempting.

Did it come with 2 mags?
How does it shoot? Fps?
How’s that trigger location?

Look forward to an inside look one day, esp. gears, piston, nozzle, etc.

I reshaped the safety on the BY MAC10 as if was dificult to reach and because of the shape, my finger kept slipping on it. This one looks worse.
I also reduced the size of the trigger guard and this one is even bigger spreading your fingers while leaving less room on the grip. One step forward and 2 steps back. Stupefying lapse in design ergonomics. :roll_eyes:.

Relative sizes:

Wonder if the stock bracket digs into the wrist.

I think we are missing a crucial and very important point here…

Wait wot now?
You have a bladerunner blaster??

I want!


LOL. Trust you to see that.
Might well work with the tpiece turned upwards and fed from above.

Oi @Cruise

Don’t just like the post and fuck off like a ninja in the night :flushed:

Answer the fucking question! :rofl:


Hear ya.
Been away 3 weeks.
Will add to list. You’ll be the second to know.


Got it, testfired it, then tore it down. :grin: Ta @jbrking

It’s relatively heavy and feels solid. 750g dry.
Shell is white nylon painted/sprayed with a rubbery finish. Nice feel but will probably scuff.

It’s surprisingly quiet and it is rear heavy, even before you extend the weighty buttstock. Extend and you will need to work to stop the barrel pointing skywards.
A metal outer barrel plus flash hider will certainly help.

There is nearly an inch of play before the trigger offers any resistance.
Difficult to access especially since it locks the trigger so far forward that it is hard to reach in to take the safety off.
Because of the excess play however, it is possible to pull the trigger way back and then engage the safety. It’s stupid but if you do that, the trigger is locked 75-80% of the way back (to where it should be) and you can then use it like any other blaster.
Unintended practicality. :thinking:

  • Spring is 1.1mm x 8cm x 10mm
  • Piston has weak seal with 6 x 1.5mm holes.
  • Cylinder head seal is good.
  • Barrel is not secured. 7.4mm x 15.7cm
  • Nozzle is glued.
  • Mag holds about 80-100.
  • Battery compartment is short but wide.

Will it all fit in an LA2019 @Arty_Marty? Yes.

Does it all look familiar? Yes.

This closely resembles a 3DG G17 gearbox in layout and parts.
Similar tpiece and tappet.
The 3DG metal gear upgrade may even fit. That can wait.

Anyway, having a loose barrel and weak piston seal but average 180fps is encouraging. :sunglasses:

What’s next?
Apart from the seals and gluing the barrel, a comparison with some spare 3DG gear sets and some general tidying before some work with the trigger, a 10A switch, rewiring, motor change and an outer barrel with the right thread. :sunglasses:

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Body work done.

  • Metal outer barrel

  • Trigger relocated

  • Switch relocated, 10A

  • Trigger guard reduced in size

  • More battery space

  • Spring ends polished

  • Barrel seated and glued

  • Fixed recharge spring. It did not have ends bent 90° so it curved up and rubbed against shell and piston. Sloppy.

  • No piston o-ring that size. More grease for now.

  • Can’t upgrade motor, yet. Only draws 0.8A initially dropping to 0.3A. Don’t like my chances of finding a 17mm long-shaft 370 motor but you never know.

  • Pistonhead holes will be doubled and made wider. They are few and tiny.

  • Have 1.2 springs but will try spacers first. :sunglasses:

Reassembling these gearboxes is easier if you do the following

  • Take photos.
  • Use tweezers
  • Desolder motor wiring and flatten the solder tabs
  • Have steady hands, all 3 pairs
  • Have something pointy to push each gear shaft back into place
  • Have a contact at the BOM in case of subsonic earth tremors
  • Have a good supply of Valium or experience contemplating your navel

If you are unable to assemble/do any of the above, either do not open this gearbox or be prepared to use the blaster as an ornament only. :rofl:


Ready to rewire with multicore cable.

  • modified safety is easier to use.
  • dual UV, natch.
  • recharge at fingertips, undecided
  • Cree, undecided
  • voltmeter, tempted. done
  • hop up, tbd
  • muzzlebrake, tbd
  • slot to see tappet position, why not? :crazy_face:
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Comparing gears with 3DG G17.
Looks identical but I’ve been caught before. Just needs a little diff to be unusable.

Shame @zhenduo_gel_blaster is now having issues.
Metal gears could certainly make this blaster tougher.

Not much help in pushing for higher fps with spring upgrades though, not unless more torquey, long shaft 370 motors are available.

At least my spare 3DG nylon gear sets will come in handy. :sunglasses:

Similar but not interchangeable.

Re-wind the motor yourself :+1:

I could do that even though I always ffing lose count OR I could put the rotor in one with rare earth magnets BUT these are tiny POS motors with brushes that don’t last.

Probably just wait until more such designs and more motors emerge. Many other blasteroid projects to work on and new ways to make you buy more ffing blasters. :rofl:

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Fps now at 225. Still quiet on 11v. Not sure how this would reach the 245fps in the advert.
Anyway, I like it.